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* '''PRODUCT_USE_UNITS''' ► Enable units from dictionary in product/service card.
* '''PRODUCT_DISABLE_SIZE''' ► Disable size in product card.
* '''PRODUCT_DISABLE_SURFACE''' ► Disable surface in product card.
* '''PRODUCT_DISABLE_VOLUME''' ► Disable volume in product card.
* '''PRODUCT_DISABLE_CUSTOM_INFO''' ► Disable custom info (custom code and country origin) in product/service card.
* '''PRODUIT_MULTIPRICES_USE_VAT_PER_LEVEL''' ► When option to use price per level/segment is on, this allows to also set a dedicated vat for each price level.
* '''MAIN_DISABLE_FREE_LINES''' ► Disallow using free lines to add line in documents ► (>= 8.0)
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