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Module Timesheet

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|note=Latest Module version: 1.5.1
= Features =
this module enable - Timesheet interface for all the user task per week- Generate report on user and on project per month- whitelist to enter their show only some project/task (if no whitelist define all task are showed)- Approval of the timesheets per the N+1  [[File:timesheet_timeentry.jpg]] Change log from 1.5 Support dolibarr 4.0.1hidden option to join file to timesheets via the setting TIMESHEET_ADD_DOCSChange log from 1.4.3: Timesheet approval by N+1,Reminder (email) for to be approved timesheet possible through dolibarr planned tasksadmin wiew for the Approval (change a approval status outside the normal approval flow)Home box with the pending timesheet to be approvedBlocking some weekdays (e.g week ends)Holiday showed in the timesheetHoliday time per can be included in the timesheet totalsTypo correction for French.Posibility to add a noteCompatible with dolibarr 3.9.2Change log from 1.4.1: correction of the Spanish language (thanks to vinclar)possible to deactivate the dolibarr Ajax for the dropdown list for the setup page (in case of issue to add whitelist)keep the whitlistmode after submit / go to date / next / previsous week Change log from 1.4: bugfix for the tasktime date in the project pagelink to have the different whitelist behaviour (black list, and none)Spanish language (google trad)typo correction for Frenchsupport the print mode for timesheet & the reportshow the project open to everyone on the new whitelist pageChange log from 1.3.7: layout improvement: timesheet, setup page, reportswhitelist to show only some project/tasktaslk column customisationnew task column: company, parent tasknew report option: report all their tasks, export friendly layoutuser report available for the N-2, N-3Change log from 1.3.6: compatible avec dolibarr 3.7Change log from 1.3.3: Works with PHP<=5.3Possibility to remove the 0:00Color code for already filled tasktime / new tasktime and errorBux fixes in the reportBetter date dialogN+1 is able to check the user report of his N's


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