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Developer FAQ

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<span id="Z-6PO">'''* Z-6PO'''</span>
If you are fluent in a language not or poorly translated into Dolibarr, a '''Jedi''' or '''Yoda''' will grant GIT write access, so you can make changes and commits directly into the GIT sources of the project. Go Create your git account then ask for write access on Dolibarr dev mailing-list ({{TemplateURLMLDev}}) to create an account and claim to be part of project as a Z-6PO for your language.
You can also read page [[Developer_FAQ#Get/update project sources |Get/update project sources ]] to know how to use the GIT server to commit your changes on language files. But commits must be limited to changes for translations purposes.
This title can't be asked, it is obtained by a decision or proposal of a '''Jedi''' or '''Yoda''' who believes that you have submitted enough patch to be a serious '''Admiral'''.
An '''Admiral''' GIT access, however, must be used to commit translations or bug fixes that are reported on bug tracker ({{TemplateURLBugs}}) or forum (such as personal fixes or fixes submitted by a '''Fighter''').
So all GIT commits you do must necessarily include in the description (the commit log field), the issue of Savannah bug corrected or the title of the forum message indicating the problem. Only a translation escapes this constraint (no restrictions for translations). Failure to observe this constraint may lead to downgrade to the rank of '''Fighter'''.
For submission of new features, an Admiral must necessarily proceed on the principle of patches sent to the ML.
== With no GIT account ==
With no GIT write GIT access (with no savannah developer account), it is necessary to generate and send by mail a patch file to the developer mailing-list '''dolibarr-dev'''({{TemplateURLMLDev}}). This is how to generate a patch file:
''For all OS:'' [[Image:Logo_windows.png|20px]] [[Image:Logo_ubuntu.png|20px]] [[Image:Logo_apple.png|20px]]
''Send patch by mail''
Once patch file is built and successfully tested, you must submit file to the Dolibarr mailing list '''dolibarr-dev''' (See here for this{{TemplateURLMLDev}}).
This mailing list is read by most Dolibarr developers, however we can't say when patch will be processed nor that if it will be included. It depends on quality of patch and priorities of moment. Some patches are added several months after beeing subimtted.

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