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Module EMailing

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The full process is this one:
- You create an emailing with a title, a topic and an email sender(For this, click on menu "Tools - EMailings - New emailing", input the content of the email with substitue variables and click on "Create emailing" button. The other solution is to go on an existing emailing and click "Clone").
- Then you choose the targets, among predefined dynamic lists from your Dolibarr data or from external files(For this, go on tab "Recipients" and click on button "Add" for predefined lists you want).
- You can enhance modify this lists (list, by removing or adding targets for example).
- The user responsible to validate emailing checks content and recipients. He can do a test to its own e-mail address to see the result inside an its email software.If results looks good, he set the status of e-mailing to ''validated''(For this, click on button "Validate"). - The mass e-mail sending is done then from screen or command line with script [[Script mailing-send.php]]. Only an emailing with status Validated can be sent by the script.
- The mass e-mail sending is done from command line with command shown on screen (See [[Script mailing-send.php]]). Only an emailing with status Validated can be sent by the script.
See page [[Script mailing-send.php]] for more information on how to launch it from command line.
- The global status for e-mailing and send result for each recipient is will be updated by this scriptand visible.
= Examples of use cases =

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