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Security information

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* User passwords can be encrypted in database<sup>[*8]</sup> <sup>[*7]</sup>.* Database technical password can be encoded in obfuscated the [[Configuration_file|Dolibarr configuration file]] (conf.php)<sup>[*8]</sup>.* Possibility to force HTTPS<sup>[*9]</sup>.
'''Hacks and cracks'''
* Works with register_globals on or off (off highly recommended)<sup>[*2]</sup>.* Works with PHP safe_mode on or off (on recommended)<sup>[*3]</sup>.
* Production option to disable any technical information leakage (debug, error stacktrace, version informations) <sup>[*6]</sup> (TODO Not yet available).
* Protection against SQL injection<sup>[*2]</sup>.* Protection against XSS injection (Cross Site Scripting)<sup>[*1]</sup>.* Protection against CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery)<sup>[*5]</sup>.
'''Pages and files access'''
* Pages and contents are protected by centralized entry code to check permissions (granted on groups or users) for each functional module) <sup>[*4]</sup> <sup>[*10]</sup>.* Files saved by Dolibarr are stored in a different root directory than web application (so they can not be downloaded without passing by the Dolibarr wrapper)<sup>[*3]</sup> <sup>[*10]</sup>.* Dolibarr directories content can't be accessed even if Apache option Indexes has be forgotten to on (should not)<sup>[*3]</sup>.
'''Login protection'''
* Delay anti brute force cracking on login page<sup>[*7]</sup>.* Graphical code (CAPTCHA) against robots on login page<sup>[*7]</sup>.* No passwords in logs, even in technical logs<sup>[*7]</sup>.
* Internal logger to save permanently all Dolibarr events about user's administration and successful or failed logins.
* Possibility to run an anti-virus on every uploaded file.

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