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Security information

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Dolibarr implements several security features. Among them :
* No passwords in logs, even technical logs.
* Passwords can be crypted encrypted in database.
* Password can be encoded in the Dolibarr configuration file (conf.php).
* Anti Protection against SQL injection mechanism.* Support or not ofr Protection against CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery)* Works with and without PHP safe_modeenabled.
* Files saved by application are stored in a different root directory than web application (so they can not be downloaded without passing by the Dolibarr wrapper).
* Pages and contents are protected by permissions by groups or by users for each functionnal functional module (this feature is the only module you can't disable in Dolibarr).
* Delay anti brute force cracking on login page.
* Graphical code against robots on login page.

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