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Module name UltimateImmo
Editor / Editeur Atoo.Net -
Download or buy page / Page achat ou téléchargement
Status / Statut / Estado Stable
Prerequisites / Prérequis Dolibarr min version 14.0.0   
Last update date / Date mise à jour fiche / Fecha última actualización 2021-11-16
Note / Nota



Installation procedure

  • Download the module archive file (.zip)
  • Place the file in the root directory of dolibarr
  • Unzip the zip file using the unzip command
  • The correct location of the module must be of the type: htdocs/custom/ultimateimmo
  • The module is then available and can be activated

You can also use the "Deploy / Install an external module" tool from the Configuration> Modules / applications menu (available from version Dolibarr 6).