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Module name concatpdf
Editor / Editeur NLTechno -
Download or buy page / Page achat ou téléchargement
Status / Statut / Estado Stable
Prerequisites / Prérequis Dolibarr min version 3.2.0   
Last update date / Date mise à jour fiche / Fecha última actualización 2018-01-10
Note / Nota


Allow to merge some PDF documents to the generated PDF files. For examle, to add your conditions and terms into the PDF of an order, or to add a catalog of product into commercial proposals PDFs.

Objects that are supported (with version 3.7.2 or more of module):

  • Customer proposals
  • Customer orders
  • Customer invoices
  • Supplier proposals
  • Supplier orders
  • Supplier invoices
  • Contracts


Dolibarr 3.2.0 or more.

The PDF document you want to concat can be any PDF version until 1.4 maximum with Dolibarr 3.2.0 to 3.7.0.

The PDF document you want to concat can be any PDF version until 1.7 with Dolibarr 3.8.0 or more.


  • Download archive file of module (.zip file) from web site or from any other source.
  • Install module into the custom folder of Dolibarr:
    • Go to Admin tools - Upgrade/Extend option (dolibarr <= v5), Go into Admin tools - Modules - Upgrade/Extend tab (dolibarr >= v6).
    • Upload the file.
    • If it fails, you can manually unzip the file into the custom directory from command line: Go into the *custom* directory and uncompress file with command
  • Module is ready to be used.


To use this module, you must first enable it. For this, with an administrator account, go on page "Home - Setup - Modules".

Choose the tab where the module stand. Then click on "Activate".

The module is now activated.

If an icon appears at end of module line, click on it to access the setup page, specific to this module.

Setup page specific to module:

Into the setup page dedicated to module, you will see name of directory where to store you PDF to concat. You will also have an upload form to upload from this screen the PDF you want to include into generated documents.

Screen shot concatpdf 2.png

With Dolibarr 3.4 or higher, check also that option "Protection of generated pdf (Enabling NOT recomanded, disable feature of PDF mass generation)" is disabled into Setup - PDF.

Other options

  • You can add constants and MAIN_USE_JQUERY_MULTISELECT with value select2 and CONCATPDF_MULTIPLE_CONCATENATION_ENABLED to 1 in Home - Setup - Other to allow the selection and concatenation of multiple files.
  • You can also add constant CONCATPDF_PRESELECTED_MODELS into Home - Setup - Other if you want to have a particular pdf document preselected into combo box.

Syntax to use is: CONCATPDF_PRESELECTED_MODELS=proposal:filename1,filename2;...;supplier_order:filename4...

Note that filenamex is name of PDF file without ".pdf". Note also that keyword to use is :

proposal for proposals
order for orders
invoice for invoices
supplier_proposal for proposals
supplier_order for orders
supplier_invoice for invoices


If you made previous step, you see a new combo list into page of element (invoice, proposal or order) with all submitted PDF documents to merge.

Screen shot concatpdf.png

Before clicking on button "Generate" to build a PDF document, select your static PDF file to add. Addition is done at the end of the new generated PDF.


Development of this module is not included inside the standard GIT repository of Dolibarr but inside a repository dedicated to modules not supported by the Dolibarr development team but supported by NLTechno on platform Git by Framasoft:

Note this is a private repository, so to contribute and/or get sources, you must create an account on web site.

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