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Name/Nom/Nombre/Name Laurent Destailleur
Country/Pays/Pais/Land Fr verysmall.png
Company/Société/Empresa/Unternehmen NLTechno
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My company for Dolibarr activities:

Ma société pour les activités Dolibarr:

Mi empresa para las actividades Dolibarr:

Date/Datum 2003-12-24
Level/Grade/Grado/Grad En verysmall.png Yoda / Fr verysmall.png Yoda / Es verysmall.png Yoda
Status/Statut/Estado Active
Picture/Photo/Foto Laurent Destailleur.png

Other informations / Autres informations / Otra información / Andere Infos

Project leader and main developer of Dolibarr.

Also know in Open Source world with my pseudo (Eldy), I am the author of Open Source projects like AWBot, CVSChangeLogBuilder and the most famous AWStats log analyzer.

Personal Blog:

I am currently working at as responsible of the Bordeaux TecLib Agency of Bordeaux. I am also a CRM and ERP expert, above all on Dolibarr and Odoo.

GSOC login: eldy10

PS: This could be, with a little bit imagination, my Dolibarr hymn:

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