Draft:Video Presentation (Dedicated Demo with DoliCloud)

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(Draft page, no need to be translated)

This page is a description of content to build a video to show how to obtain a private demo instance of Dolibarr ERP & CRM.


Target is a video to add into any web site, youtube that present Dolibarr installation with DoliCloud...


  • File: AVI
  • Duration: 120s
  • Resolution: 1080 (=1920x1080px)
  • Language: English


  • The video must show following steps (in same order):

- Start video being on www.dolibarr.org web page. Say that "video will explain how to create its own demo private instance to test Dolibarr ERP & CRM".

- Tell that this service is provided by www.dolicloud.com typing www.dolicloud.com onto browser.

- Click onto "Install" of choice "Dolibarr ERP CRM Basic".

- Enter information of subscription page (warning: you need a different email each time you make a test. You can use testldr1@dolicloud.com, testldr2@dolicloud.com if you on't have your own test emails). Only fill required information.

- Few seconds after submitting, the instance is created.

- Tell that an email is also sent with remind of login credentials but also credentials to use direct SFTP or Mysql on database.

- Then click to "Take me to my instance" and login (so login=admin and pass=pass entered during registration).

- Show that you can set your company information (menu home - setup) and activate features of your choice (menu home - modules, then click onto modules)

- Finish by saying something like "You are ready to use and test Dolibarr ERP & CRM in the Cloud".