Udo Tamm (dolibit-UT)

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User card
Name Udo Tamm
Country De verysmall.png
Company dolibit
Web https://dolibit.de
Status Active
active since 2016
Level/Grade En verysmall.png Soldier / Fr verysmall.png Soldat / Es verysmall.png Soldado / Sa verysmall.png مطور / Gr verysmall.png Στρατιώτης
Level/Grade En verysmall.png Z-6PO / Fr verysmall.png Z-6PO / Es verysmall.png Z-6PO / Sa verysmall.png Z-6PO / Gr verysmall.png Z-6PO
Picture/Photo Photo file "Udo.tamm.png" was not uploaded

Other informations

Hello, i am Udo Tamm (UT).

I saw Dolibarr for the first time in 2010/2011 and tested it for me.

I began to work with it for myself 2011/2012 and than helped others in some small projects since 2012/2013.

Started to offer Dolibarr Webinstallations in 2013/2014 with com4WEB.de

Since 2016/2017 i work in bigger Dolibarr projects with customizations

and focused this with dolibit.de since 2018/2019.