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  • dolibarr-test-fr.traulle.net
  • dolibarr-test-org.traulle.net

These DN has been choosen to test the distinct vhosts but are not actually binded to public DNS.

You MUST edit your /etc/hosts local file (or similar) to point these addresses to IP

For Windows based machines, you can use https://hostsfileeditor.com/ for that purpose.

Replicated minimal VM for tests

For the implementation to go smooth, the vmprod1 environment has been replicated on a dedicated test VM.

  • Linux distro : Ubuntu 16.4.7
  • Webserver : Apache2
  • RDBMS : Mariadb
  • PHP : 5.6

PHP version

PHP version is installed from ppa:ondrej/php.

Apache2 config

Apache2 virtual hosts config dolibarr.fr.conf and dolibarr.org.conf has been copied from vmprod1 (Servername apache directive has just been modified to match names specified in #Addresses).

Enabling proxy and proxy_http modules.


<Location "/forum">
    ProxyPass "http://dolibarr-test-fr.traulle.net:8800/forum"


Files from /home/dolibarr/dolibarr.fr and /home/dolibarr/dolibarr.org has been copied to the same location on the test VM (however /home/dolibarr/dolibarr.org/httpdocs/files/stable has not been replicated on the test VM due to the weight/size of all packages).

MySQL/MariaDB Databases

Database names and users has been preserved (same users, same database names and same credentials has been created on test VM).

Databases for French and International websites has been dumped and restored on test VM.


Installed following the Docker docs : https://docs.docker.com/install/linux/docker-ce/ubuntu/#install-docker-engine---community-1

Useful resources