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Translating page suggestion

Shouldnt we be translating pages using subpages, as suggested in Mediawiki Tutorial page, instead of creating a new page every time someone initiate a new translation? This way I believe it would be easier to organize and relate the contents. --Bruno 21:51, 19 October 2021 (UTC)

A wasn't aware of the subpage feature of mediawiki. it may be interesting but there is 2 problems: This break the process we have currently using a bot that links same page for different languages into the left menu providing the translation pages available in left menu. This also means that translation in language XX as a name of page that is the name_of_english_page/xx and this may not be good for SEO. the good point is that it is easier to remember the url of a translation when we know the english page. I suggest for the moment to keep the current system. --User:Laurent Destailleur (eldy)