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En verysmall.png The documentation related to other tables is available on the page: Table SQL
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En verysmall.png Contains the list of warehouses and related localisation information.

Fr verysmall.png Contient la liste des entrepôts et des informations de localisation les concernant

Es verysmall.png Contiene la lista de almacenes e información concerniente a sus localizaciones



Field Type Null Key Default Extra Description
rowid int(11) NO PRI auto_increment technical index
datec datetime YES NULL creation date
tms timestamp NO Current date Date of last modification. See page Field Tms.
label varchar(255) NO UNI label of warehouse
entity int(11) NO UNI 1 multi company id
description text YES NULL description of warehouse
lieu varchar(64) YES NULL brief explanation of warehouse situation
address varchar(255) YES NULL address of warehouse
cp varchar(10) YES NULL postal code of warehouse
ville varchar(50) YES NULL city of warehouse
fk_pays int(11) YES 0 ID country of warehouse (llx_c_pays->rowid)
statut tinyint(4) YES 1 is the warehouse open (1=open, 0=closed)?
valo_pmp float(12,4) YES NULL stock warehouse valorisation in PMP
fk_user_author int(11) YES NULL ID of creator user (llx_user->rowid)



Key Type Fields
uk_entrepot_label UNIQUE label,entity