Table llx c departements

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  Contains a list of departments for some countries.

  Contient une liste des départments proposés pour certains pays.

  Contiene la lista de departamentos (provincias) de varios paises.



Field Type Null Key Default Extra Description
rowid int(11) NO PRI auto_increment technical index
code_departement varchar(6) NO UNI code of departement/province/state/district: note this alphanumeric code must be unique to the entire table/all other global provinces, not just to one country.
fk_region int(11) YES UNI NULL ID of related region (llx_c_regions->code_region)
cheflieu varchar(7) YES NULL Postal Code of departement/province/district.
tncc int(11) YES NULL ID of ncc - Used for France only. Means "Type de nom en clair". See
ncc varchar(50) YES NULL ncc - Used for France only. Means "Nom en clair". See
nom varchar(50) YES NULL Name of departement
active tinyint(4) NO 1 Is the departement active?



Key Type Fields
uk_departements UNIQUE code_departement,fk_region
idx_departements_fk_region MULTIPLE fk_region