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You can help and support Dolibarr project in several ways:

  • Subscribing to the Dolibarr foundation. Subscriptions can be made by Bank transfer, Paypal or Credit card. For this, go to chapter Be a member of the foundation.
  • Making a donation to the project, with no subscription. Donations can be made by Paypal or Credit card (in both cases, choose the Paypal donation). For this, go to last chapter Donation without membership to foundation.

Lug.png Be a member of the foundation

Amount to subscribe depends on your status (personal, company, foundation, organization...). The page "Grilles_de_cotisation_dolibarr" show you the minimum amount of a subscription.

You are decided ? Choose the method you prefer...

To subscribe making a bank transfer

Name of bank: CAISSE D'EPARGNE
Bank code: 14505
Desk code: 00001
Account number: 08000207968
Key RIB:	70
IBAN: FR7614505000010800020796870
  • Once bank transfert is done, send a mail to with this content:
Hi, i've just made the bank transfer for my subscription to the Dolibarr foundation.
This is description of movement:
My name: _______
Date of bank transfer: _______
Amount: _______
Thanks to send me a mail one my subscription has been validated.

To subscribe using Paypal

Filled email should be, if possible, the same as your Paypal email (this will make things easier to consolidate your request membership to foundation and the following step that is payment.

  • Once this is done, use the Paypal link to make a payment for an amount equals to subscription amount defined in page Grilles_de_cotisation_dolibarr. For this, click on following logo:

{{#rawmsg:form_donation_en_asso}} We will be informed by Paypal and will send you a mail one your subscription has been validated.

To subscribe using a credit card

{{#rawmsg:form_donation_en_asso}} We will be informed by Paypal and will send you a mail one your subscription has been validated.

Otherwise... make a simple donation to main Dolibarr developers (see bottom of page) ;-)

Event.png Renew your subscription to foundation

If you are already a member, to renew your membership, just wait to receive the mail that will invite you to renew your subscription. Instructions to make your renewal will be described. If you don't receive the mail, please contact foundation at

Gnu.png Donation without membership to foundation

To make an immediate payment to Dolibarr main developers (simple donation with no goal to be a member of the Dolibarr foundation), click on the button: {{#rawmsg:form_donation_en}}