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*MAIN_ALWAYS_CREATE_LOCK_AFTER_LAST_UPGRADE: If set, when you launch upgrades of your customer instances, you are sure that the upgrade process recreate automatically the file install.lock so the administration tools like install.php and repair.php can't be used on your customer instance (until the lock file is deleted).
*MAIN_FILECHECK_LOCAL_SUFFIXand MAIN_FILECHECK_LOCAL_EXT: If you offer a customized or patched version of Dolibarr, when the user will use the tool to chek check the integrity of files, the default xml file name used for signature checking will be the official file provided by the Dolibarr team, so it does not includes your own changes. To have the suggested signature file beeing being your own file , you can set ths the constant MAIN_FILECHECK_LOCAL_SUFFIX to a suffix. For example, set this to "'''-mysaassolution'''". So, when the user will use the file integrity tool, the default file to check for signature will be "'''/install/filelist-10.0.2-mysaassolution.xml'''" instead of "'''/install/filelist-10.0.2.xml'''". All you have to do is generate the signature file '''mysaassolution''' using the tool '''build/generate_filelist_xml.php''' and put this file into the install directory of your customer instance. Doing this, your customer, and yourself, will be able to check if a file was modified without beeing being disturbed by false alerts due to your customized files or patches (they are will be included in the signature used for check). Also, if you want to zip the customized signature file into "'''/install/'''", you can set the constant MAIN_FILECHECK_LOCAL_EXT to '.zip'.
*WEBSITE_REPLACE_INFO_ABOUT_USAGE_WITH_WEBSERVER: Put here a text a a translation key of a text to show when the user will use the feature "Deploy" when he want to deploy a website done with Dolibarr CMS. So you can, for example, show him a message that this feature is not part of is subscription and putting a website online may need a complementary subscription.

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