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* PROJECT_HIDE_UNSELECTABLES => Hide into select list, all project that we can't select (closed or draft)
* PROJECT_HIDE_UNSELECTABLES => Hide into select list, all project that we can't select (closed or draft)
* PROJECT_HIDE_TASKS => Hide tasks. For user using project only as an analytics key and not using tasks.
* PROJECT_HIDE_TASKS => Hide tasks. For user using project only as an analytics key and not using tasks.
* PROJECT_LIST_SHOW_STARTDATE => Shows start date of projects in project lists.
== Foundation module ==
== Foundation module ==

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Help about screen: Other setup

Menu path: Home -> Setup -> Other


This page is built to add/edit new parameters without a dedicated page to edit them. In most cases, it is parameters for your own development, external modules, or hidden features.

For a standard usage of Dolibarr, this screen must be kept empty and not be used.

List of known hidden options

Some options are not visible in the interface (often because they are deprecated or beta features). In most cases you do not need these functions and their use may make the application unstable.

To enable them you have to define a constant to 1 in Home -> Setup -> Other setup:

Global options

  • MAIN_APPLICATION_TITLE => This will change the title of software (that appears on the login page by default). Warning, changing this may make Dolibarr version detection fails by smartphone applications like Application Android - DoliDroid
  • MAIN_AUTOFILL_DATE => If this constant is defined (to something else than 0), the date of invoice, proposal, order or payment are filled with current date. It is highly recommended to NOT ENABLE this feature. This create a lot of input errors with no data not validated by users. This lead in bad values saved in database giving headaches when you have to do your accountancy reports ! However some users want it, so we provide it.
  • MAIN_DISABLE_FULL_SCANLIST => Constant to define to disable complete scan of tables to know the total amount of element to allow the pagination to show total number of pages. To activate on systems with a very important number of data (Tables with more than 500 000 records).
  • MAIN_FIRST_TO_UPPER => Dolibarr add upper case to thirdparties, contacts or members names if not done. Warning, with some languages (whose words with uppercase are not same words, or pagecode does not always have an uppercase, like cyrillic languages), this feature may alter your data.
  • MAIN_LOGTOHTML => If this constants is defined, it is possible to have logs inside pages by adding the parameter &logtohtml=1 into URL.
  • MAIN_USE_HOURMIN_IN_DATE_RANGE => On all entities lines (invoice, order, contract...), it is possible to add hour and minutes with date on fields "date start" and "date end".
  • MAIN_REMOVE_INSTALL_WARNING => Remove all security warning that appears to administrator users if URL /install is public. You shoud solve the problem if warning occurs instead of removing this warning. For this, put a file called install.lock into Dolibarr root directory. This will remove warning but also make the page /install not possible to use to protect your installation.
  • MAIN_OPTIMIZE_SPEED => Use some speed enhancements. See page Increase_Performance for more information.
  • MAIN_OVERWRITE_TRANS_xx_YY => You can use this to change value of a translation key for language xx_YY (ie: en_US) without editing language files. For example: "TranslationKey1:New value1,TranslationKey2:New value 2". Note that using this option slow down seriously your instance. If you can, it is better to edit directly the language files into htdocs/lang/xx_YY.
  • MAIN_REPEATCONTACTONEACHTAB => If added and set to 1, this add contacts on all tabs, not only main tab.
  • MAIN_DISABLE_JQUERY_JNOTIFY => Disable usage of JNotify to show confirm or error messages
  • MAIN_USE_JQUERY_JEDITABLE => Allow to update from screnn, directly into database, some properties of elements (invoices, proposals, ...) using Ajax. This make response time faster, but avoid using this features, because, it overpass some business actions (updates onother data that should be done consitently) and ignore business controls on data you saved. So this feature breaks consitency of data and stability of software.
  • MAIN_USE_JQUERY_LAYOUT => Allow hidding the left menu
  • MAIN_USE_JQUERY_MULTISELECT => Allow to use Ajax when a choice that require multiselect is used (for the moment only external modules uses select box with multiselect values).
  • MAIN_HELPCENTER_LINKTOUSE => Define a target link "I need help" onto logon page
  • MAIN_MODULES_FOR_EXTERNAL => Limit available modules for external users. By defaut value is 'facture,commande,contact,propal,projet,contrat,societe,ficheinter,expedition,agenda'
  • MAIN_PRODUCT_DISABLE_CUSTOMCOUNTRYCODE => Avoid Custom code and country of origin to be set as product description when added to Propal/Order/Invoice
  • MAIN_SHOW_TUNING_INFO => Add tuning information into javascript console. Better when xdebug is enabled.
  • MAIN_DOL_SCRIPTS_ROOT => Define directory who contains 'scripts' directory (e.g /var/www/dolibarr)
  • MAIN_MIN_NB_ENABLED_MODULE_FOR_WARNING => A warning saying setup of modules is not complete is shown if number of enabled modules is lower or equal than this value (1 if not defined)
  • MAIN_ADD_SALE_REP_SIGNATURE_IN_NOTE => Add signature of first sale representative into documents (at end of public notes).
  • MAIN_DISABLE_AJAX_COMBOX => If you have a large amount of thirdparty or product, you can disable the autocomplete feature on thirdparties list by setting constant MAIN_DISABLE_AJAX_COMBOX to 1 into Home-Setup-Other (with Dolibarr v3.6.0+).
  • MAIN_USE_CACHE_MANIFEST => Add an HTML5 cache manifest to the page
  • MAIN_FORCELANGDIR => relative path of the directory holding your custom langs folder.
  • MAIN_VAT_DEFAULT_IF_AUTODETECT_FAILS => allow to define a default VAT rate
  • MAIN_HTML_TITLE => can be used to control how html title is formated. If value contains key 'noapp', application name will not be output. If value contains 'thirdpartynameonly', on tab for thirdparties, only name of thirdparties are output. Value can be list of tags: 'noapp;thirdpartynameonly'
  • MAIN_MENU_HIDE_UNAUTHORIZED => Hide menu if user not autorized rather than just grey them

Email and SMS

  • MAIN_MAIL_DEBUG => Write content with header of last mail into file dolibarr_mail.log into directory dolibarr_main_data_root.
  • MAIN_SMS_DEBUG => Write content of SMS sent into file dolibarr_sms.log into directory dolibarr_main_data_root.
  • MAIN_MAIL_ALLOW_SENDMAIL_F => On Linux or BSD system, PHP email function use the command sendmail local to server. In some cases, the sender email must be provided on command line of sendmail with option -f. This option is here to ask Dolibarr to call the function mail of PHP by adding value for the option -f. Note that in most cases, even with sendmail, sender email is correctly managed as it is added in the email technical header. This option is here only for rare setup of sendmail that ask the -f option to be mandatory or for sendmail setup that does not use by default the Return-path of header email to define the sender (with this option, the return-path will be provided also on command line and not lost by sendmail).
  • MAIN_MAIL_SENDMAIL_FORCE_BA => On Lunix or BSD system, PHP email function use the command sendmail local to server. In some case, we want to recipient to be provided to sendmail into the email content instead of its command line parameter. For this we must add the -ba parameter to sendmail. This option ask PHP to provide this parameter when sending a mail. Note that another solution is to edit the mail.force_extra_parameters=-ba into php.ini file.
  • MAIN_MAIL_NO_FULL_EMAIL => Recipient email and sender are cleaned to be on form "<email>" instead of "Name <email>". This might solve problem of compatibility with very old mailers.
  • MAIN_FIX_FOR_BUGGED_MTA => Some MTA agent are bugged and add some CR chars each time they saw a LF. Because Dolibarr emails are forged to be already cleaned, if MTA agent do that, you will send an email with two CR chars. This may result in having recipient not able to read your email. To fix this, add this constant to 1. Dolibarr will then create an email that is not RFC compliant but because the MTA agent is bugged, the email will be modified and become correct during sending, solving the problem of bad email received. Add this constant if your recipient experience problems when opening email for example users using webmail of orange.fr or hotmail.com
  • MAIN_MAIL_DO_NOT_USE_SIGN => Do not add user signature at end of suggested predefined email
  • MAIN_EMAIL_USECCC => Show field BCC into email forms.
  • MAIN_MAIL_AUTOCOPY_PROPOSAL_TO, MAIN_MAIL_AUTOCOPY_ORDER_TO, MAIN_MAIL_AUTOCOPY_INVOICE_TO => Send a BCC to the recipients when sending email for proposal, order or invoice. If option MAIN_EMAIL_USECCC is also set, you will see recipient email of BCC into email form on same line used to enter BCC.

Third parties module

  • SOCIETE_DISABLE_CUSTOMERS => Remove all menu and features related to customers
  • SOCIETE_DISABLE_PROSPECTS => Remove all menu and features related to prospects
  • SOCIETE_DISABLE_STATE => Do not use field "state/province"
  • MAIN_THIRPARTY_CREATION_INDIVIDUAL => Default Thirparty create are individual

Proposals module

  • PROPAL_CLONE_ON_CREATE_PAGE => On the create proposal page, ask if we want to create the proposal by cloning an already existing one. You should use instead the "Clone" button available on existing proposals.
  • MAIN_PROPAL_CHOOSE_ODT_DOCUMENT => On setup page, you'll be able to select which ODT document to use when close or cancel proposals.
  • MAIN_GENERATE_DOCUMENTS_WITH_PICTURE MAIN_GENERATE_PROPOSALS_WITH_PICTURE => Add picture of product (the first one found if there is several) into the generated PDF of proposals. Note that using this reduce available width for product description.
  • WORKFLOW_PROPAL_CAN_CLASSIFY_BILLED_WITHOUT_INVOICES => Button "Classified Billed" is visible on proposal even if there is no invoice linked to proposal.

Invoice module

  • FACTURE_SHOW_SEND_REMINDER => Show link "Send reminder by mail", same feature than "Send by mail" (obsolete feature).
  • INVOICE_CAN_ALWAYS_BE_REMOVED => Allow to always delete invoices (even if invoice is not last one).
  • INVOICE_CAN_NEVER_BE_REMOVED => Never allow to delete invoices (except draft invoices).
  • INVOICE_POSITIVE_CREDIT_NOTE => All amounts on PDF credit notes are positive.
  • FACTURE_CHANGE_THIRDPARTY => Allow to change the third party in the draft invoices. If a discount was set from the original thirdparty, then discount remain, making data not coherent.
  • FACTURE_USE_PROFORMAT => Enable PROFORMAT invoices type.
  • FACTURE_DEPOSITS_ARE_JUST_PAYMENTS => Treats deposit invoices as a special case. Deposit invoices don't get counted on turnover. They are then applied as a payment, like a discount, on the final invoice.
  • FACTURE_SENDBYEMAIL_FOR_ALL_STATUS => Can send invoice by email to customer even if invoice has status "draft".
  • MAIN_GENERATE_DOCUMENTS_WITHOUT_VAT => Disable VAT on genrated documents. like for an association. (it's work with crabe template)
  • FAC_AUTO_FILLJS => Display a button to autofill the payment amount for each invoice on the payment creation page

Order module

  • COMMANDE_REQUIRE_SOURCE => Make the input field "Source of order" mandatory.
  • COMMANDE_VALID_AFTER_CLOSE_PROPAL => When an order is created on a proposal close, the order is directly defined with status "Validated".

Export module

  • EXPORT_CSV_SEPARATOR_TO_USE => String value to use as separator to delimit fields int exported files (by default Dolibarr use ","). Example: EXPORT_CSV_SEPARATOR_TO_USE=;
  • EXPORT_CSV_FORCE_CHARSET => Choose the charset of file built by CSV export. By default: UTF-8. Example: EXPORT_CSV_FORCE_CHARSET=ISO-8859-1

Agenda module

  • AGENDA_MAX_EVENTS_DAY_VIEW => Define the maximum number of visible entries for each day in agenda. Default value is 3. Value 0 means no limit.
  • AGENDA_USE_EVENT_TYPE => Add a mandatory field "Type" when creating an event (deprecated).
  • AGENDA_AUTOSET_END_DATE_WITH_DELTA_HOURS => To automatically set end date of event to start date + delta on event creation page.

Products module

  • PRODUCT_ADD_TYPE_IN_DOCUMENTS => Add text "Product" or "Service" at beginning of details lines on built PDF documents.
  • PRODUCT_SHOW_WHEN_CREATE => Old option no more supported (create problems) to be able to add lines of product during first step of element creation.
  • PRODUCT_DONOTSEARCH_ANYWHERE => When Ajax search is enabled, search is done on criteria anywhere in label of product. By adding this option, search is done only on start of label. This is really faster when you have a huge number of products.
  • PRODUIT_DESC_IN_LIST => Show long description of product/service into lists.
  • PRODUIT_MULTIPRICES_LABELx (where x = 1,2,...) => When option mode to set prices are PRODUIT_MULTIPRICES (n different prices per product according to a customer level), this option will force a label for the level x. Value must be a key. If the key is found into translation files, it will be replaced by the translated value.

Services module


  • STOCK_SUPPORTS_SERVICES => Services are also increased/decreased into stocks.

Point of Sale

  • CASHDESK_SHOW_KEYPAD => Show a mouse key pad into Point Of Sale.


  • CONTRACT_SUPPORT_PRODUCTS => Products are also suggested into module contract.

Projects module

  • PROJECT_CAN_ALWAYS_LINK_TO_ALL_SUPPLIERS => Enable linking a project to any supplier even when using the third party link feature. Note: Set to 1 by default from 3.7.
  • PROJECT_TIME_ON_ALL_TASKS_MY_PROJECTS => Can add time spent on tasks, even if i am not assigned to task (however, task must be a project i am a contact).
  • PROJECT_SHOW_REF_INTO_LISTS => Add column with project ref into list (with 3.7 list of supplier invoices only, will be expanded to other lists)
  • PROJECT_HIDE_UNSELECTABLES => Hide into select list, all project that we can't select (closed or draft)
  • PROJECT_HIDE_TASKS => Hide tasks. For user using project only as an analytics key and not using tasks.
  • PROJECT_LIST_SHOW_STARTDATE => Shows start date of projects in project lists.

Foundation module

  • MEMBER_URL_REDIRECT_SUBSCRIPTION => Link called and shown when a member account is autocreated in member module by a guest user.
  • MEMBER_EXT_URL_SUBSCRIPTION_INFO => Link of external page pointed by the "Show here" link to add in fron off payment cell form into the page to make online subscription.

Interventions module

  • FICHINTER_CLASSIFY_BILLED => Allow to classify an intervention card as "Billed". This add also trigger FICHINTER_CLASSIFY_BILLED into list of possible automatic event into agenda.
  • FICHINTER_DISABLE_DETAILS => Disable entry of details line on intervention. Can validate with no line.

Suppliers module

  • FOURN_PRODUCT_AVAILABILITY => On the Suppliers price page of the products, active the supplier product availability. This is duplicate feature with delivery_delay introduced with 3.8.
  • SUPPLIER_ORDER_AUTOADD_USER_CONTACT => Add user approving supplier order as a contact automatically.
  • SUPPLIER_ORDER_USE_DISPATCH_STATUS => Add a status on each dispatch order line
  • SUPPLIER_ORDER_NO_DIRECT_APPROVE => No button "Validate and Approve". Always do step "Validate" and "Approve" in 2 steps.

PDF options

  • MAIN_DISABLE_FORCE_SAVEAS => If your browser ask always to save downloaded files on disk (like PDF), try to add this option. File might appears directly into your browser.
  • MAIN_DISABLE_PDF_COMPRESSION => Disable PDF compression.
  • MAIN_INVERT_SENDER_RECIPIENT => Invert sender and recipient in some PDF.
  • MAIN_DISABLE_PDF_AUTOUPDATE => Disable automatic generation of PDF each time we add/update/delete a product line (we can still build document by clicking on "Generate"). This option may increase interface speed on server with low CPU.
  • MAIN_USE_BACKGROUND_ON_PDF => Define this constant with short name of an image (example "myimage.jpg") that must be saved into directory "documents/mycompany/logos". This will add this background image into your generated PDF files. Warning: This option make TCPDF library beeing crazy sometime and content on image disappeared !
  • MAIN_ADD_PDF_BACKGROUND => Define this constant with short name of a PDF file (example "mypdf.pdf") that must be saved into directory "documents/mycompany". This will add PDF as a background of some of your generated PDF files (proposals,invoices,orders). If you need to concat PDF, see instead Module Concat PDF.
  • MAIN_PDF_FORCE_FONT => To ignore font defined into language file and force usage of a particular font. For example "DejaVuSans".
  • MAIN_PDF_MARGIN_LEFT, MAIN_PDF_MARGIN_RIGHT, MAIN_PDF_MARGIN_TOP, MAIN_PDF_MARGIN_BOTTOM => To force the margins (mm) of PDF documents (10 is default).
  • MAIN_PDF_FREETEXT_HEIGHT => Change height of space reserved to output the free text.
  • MAIN_PDF_TITLE_BACKGROUND_COLOR => Can define a background color onto title line. Example: '220,220,200'
  • MAIN_USE_COMPANY_NAME_OF_CONTACT => Use contact name and information rather than company
  • MAIN_ODT_AS_PDF => Activate PDF conversion from ODT document. If value is 'jodconverter', java and jodconverter command line tool must be available. If value is '/pathto/jodconverter.jar', then java and the jodconvertar jar must exists. soffice must also be available. MAIN_DOL_SCRIPTS_ROOT Must also be defined to path where the "scripts" directory is stored (for example /var/www/mydolibarr).
  • MAIN_ODT_AS_PDF_DEL_SOURCE => For ODT generation. If set then initial behaviour is conserved, odt file is removed when generate pdf. Disabled by default
  • MAIN_GENERATE_PROPOSALS_WITH_PICTURE => Include first image of product into line of generated PDF proposal.
  • MAIN_GENERATE_INVOICES_WITH_PICTURE => Include first image of product into line of generated PDF invoice.
  • MAIN_DOCUMENTS_WITH_PICTURE_WIDTH => Can change size of picture when hidden option MAIN_GENERATE_PROPOSALS_WITH_PICTURE is used. By default value is 20.
  • PDF_SHOW_PROJECT => Show project onto PDF (supported on supplier order only for the moment)

WYSIWYG editor

  • FCKEDITOR_ENABLE_DETAILS_FULL => Can cut and paste external images (hosted on external server) into description of proposal, orders or invoices. WARNING: PDF generation is not guaranted with this. Also if the image is removed or renamed by the image hoster, your proposal, order or invoice will be broken.