Script development


The Dolibarr command line scripts must be located in the scripts directory in Dolibarr root. The scripts are then divided into sub-directories according to their vocation. A number of scripts is provided as standard.

Develop a new script

The scripts are often made for a specific need, it is likely that you do not find the one you want. In this case, we'll explain how to develop your own script.

Step 1 - Create the skeleton of the script

The first step is to take the skeleton script available in dev/skeletons/skeleton_scripts.php and copy and renaming it in directory scripts/mydir/myscript.php

Once renaming is done, give it permissions to execute. On linux, this is the command:

cd scripts/mydir;
chmod a+rx myscript.php

Then, run it to see if you can run the script in a command line mode. For this, on Linux, type:

php-cli ./myscript.php


php ./myscript.php

You must get the following output:

Usage: myscript.php param1 param2 ...

Step 2 - Editing script code

Modify the contents of the script to perform operations that interest you. All the code that lies between the tags



// ---------- END OY YOUR CODE

is provided as an example. You can delete it and put the code that you want. Note that in this section, you can use the variable $db that is the resource to access Dolibarr database and is already initialized. The $conf object that contains Dolibarr configuration is also available.


Some code examples (to create orders, products...) are available into directory /dev/examples/.