Roadmap and Release 3.6.0

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Version: 3.6.0 (List of other versions on page Category:RoadMap)
Release date: June 2014
Main focus (What developers has mainly worked on, but not only, so for full list of changes see the detailed ChangeLog):
Should contains all tasks with priority 9 logged when previous version were released in task tracker

  • Uniformizing of code and api for developers
  • War against major missing and not stable features

Detailed Changelog:

For users:

- New: Update ckeditor to version 4.
- New: Add form "search customer order" on commercial main page.
- New: Can create contract from an order.
- New: Add list of orders products in tab "consumption" on thirdparties.
- New: Add graph stats for suppliers orders in tab "stats" on products.
- New: Add option MAIN_HIDE_INACTIVETAB_ON_PRINT to hide inactive tabs when you use the "print" view on screen.
- New: Add option MAIN_AUTO_TIMESTAMP_IN_PUBLIC_NOTES and MAIN_AUTO_TIMESTAMP_IN_PRIVATE_NOTES to automatically add timestamp and user line into edition field when editing a note.
- New: Add button cancel into edition of notes.
- New: Improved Barcode module:
- New: Improved Opensurvey module:
- New: Add filter on text and status into survey list. Can also sort on id, text and date end.
- New: The box "balance of bank accounts" show all opened accounts.
- New: Add option MAIN_ADD_SALE_REP_SIGNATURE_IN_NOTE to add sale represnative into public note of generated documents.
- New: Add warning if supplier payment is higher that due amount.
- New: Increase length of url into bookmark module.
- New: Automatic events sending mails add info about linked objects into email content. 
- New: Price management enhancement (multiprice level, price by customer, if MAIN_FEATURES_LEVEL=2 Price by qty).
- New: Add option MAIN_FAVICON_URL.
- New: Created {line_price_ht_locale}, {line_price_vat_locale} and {line_price_ttc_locale} ODT tags.
- New: Add filter on project status into task list. By default, only "opened" project are visible.
- New: Status "validated" for project are renamed into "opened".
- New: Add barcode fields into user database.
- New: Add manager name (ceo, director, president...) into main company information page.
- New: Add field url as product properties.
- New: More options to create a credit note (can be filled autatically according to remain to pay).
- New: Can define custom fields for categories.
- New: Prepare generation of SEPA files into module withdrawal.
- New: [ task #1164 ] Add "Ref. supplier" search box in supplier orders
- New: [ task #1345 ] Can filter on status for supplier order.
- New: Add option FACTURE_SENDBYEMAIL_FOR_ALL_STATUS to allow to send invoice by email whatever is its status.
- New: Add filter date in bank writing list page.
- New: Extrafields can be used as substitution key %EXTRA_XXX% into emails texts for members.
- New: Add categories translation.
- New: Enable option "clone target emailing".
- New: Improved tax module: Add specific page for salaries payment	
- New: Add composer.json file so Dolibarr can be publish onto
- New: The combo list of juridical status is now sorted
- New: [ task #926 ] Add extrafield feature on order lines.
- New: [ task #927 ] Add extrafield feature on Proposal lines.
- New: [ task #928 ] Add extrafield feature on invoice lines.
- New: Paypal/paybox email sent after backcall of a payment is now a formated and translated HTML content. For member subscription renewal, there is also a link to member.
- New: When a subscription is recorded with invoice and payment: - the document (PDF) of invoice is also generated. - the invoice is set to status paid.
- New: Can enter holiday for someone else if user has permission for.
- Fix: Project Task numbering customs rule works.
- Fix: Add actions events not implemented.
- Fix: Price min of composition is not supplier price min by quantity.
- Fix: [ bug #1356 ] Bank accountancy number is limited to 8 numbers.
- Fix: [ bug #1478 ] BILL_PAYED trigger action does not intercept failure under some circumstances
- Fix: [ bug #1479 ] Several customer invoice triggers do not intercept trigger action
- Fix: [ bug #1477 ] Several customer invoice triggers do not show trigger error messages
- Fix: [ bug #1471 ] Several PHP warnings when intercepting USER_CREATE trigger.
- Fix: [ bug #1517 ] Packages sizes.
- Fix: [ bug #1521 ] The second order's page from a provider shows all orders

For translators:
- Update language files.

For developers:
- New: Add path file of trigger into admin trigger list page.
- New: More phpunit tests.
- New: Payments and supplier payment pages tabs can now be extended from modules.
- New: Add option 'aZ' into GETPOST function to check parameters contains only a to z or A to Z characters.
- New: Opensurvey polls tab cards can now be extended from external modules.
- New: Add new hook function addMoreActionsButtons to allow a module to add/replace action buttons into an element.
- New: Normalize code for barcode generation to match other modules.
- New: Uniformize code for contacts forms.
- New: Add some hooks for financial reports.
- New: A module can add its own ECM view.
- New: A module can disable a standard ECM view.
- New: Add multilang support into product webservice.
- New: Add hooks on project card page.

WARNING: Following change may create regression for some external modules, but was necessary to make
Dolibarr better:

- The deprecated way (with 4 parameters) to declare a new tab into a module descriptor file has been removed. You must now use the 6 parameters way. See file modMyModule.class.php for example. 
- Remove the javascript function ac_delay() that is not used anymore by core code.
- Properties "dictionnaries" into module descriptor files has been renamed into "dictionaries".
- Method form->select_currency() has been removed. Use instead print form->selectCurrency().
- Method form->select_methodes_commande() has been renamed into english name selectInputMethod().
- The following hooks are now 'addreplace' hooks: "formCreateThirdpartyOptions" So check that return value is 0 to keep default standard behaviour after hook or 1 to disable default standard behaviour.
- Properties "civilite_id" were renamed into "civility_id".
- Remove add_photo_web() that is ot used anymore by core code.