Roadmap and Release 3.2.0

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Version: 3.2.0 (List of other versions on page Category:RoadMap)
Release date: June 2012
Main focus (What developers has mainly worked on, but not only, so for full list of changes see the detailed ChangeLog):
Should contains all tasks with priority 9 or more in task tracker

  • Some enhancements to make building of external modules easiers (hooks, canvas).
  • War against external libraries

Detailed Changelog:

WARNING: PHP lower than 5.x are no more supported.
WARNING: Because of a major datastructure change onto supplier prices tables, be aware
to make a backup of your database before making upgrade.

For users:
- New: Each user can remove/add its own boxes.
- New: Add signature at end of predefined email text.
- New: Can use personalized fields on products/services.
- New: Can attach files on social contributions.
- New: Show payments terms and conditions onto muscadet template.
- New: Can open back a closed commercial proposal.
- New: show thirdparty barcode on main tab.
- New: Can input note (private and public) during note and expenses creation.
- New: Print ticket show invoice ref into POS module.
- New: Can edit customer discounts from invoice create and edit card.
- New: task #11243: Show quantity into stocks for each sub-products into the sub-product tab.
- New: task #10500: Option to choose if professional id are unique.
- New: Add hidden option FOURN_PRODUCT_AVAILABILITY.
- New: task #11123: Add best supplier price.
- New: Enhancement in styles.
- New: Can conciliate several lines in one operation.
- New: task #11289 : Modify third party accountancy code generator aquarium.
- New: task #10606 : more comprehensive message error.
- New: task #11278 : Option into point of sale module to add services in list.
- New: task #11261 : Add an entry into menu called "New shipment".
- New: [ task #187 ] Gerer les evenement recurrents dans les imports ical.
- New: Make option MAIN_GENERATE_DOCUMENTS_WITHOUT_VAT available by default.
- New: Can build PDF in USLetter format or canada format (change paper size).
- New: Can export into Excel 2007 format.
- New: Add hidden option CASHDESK_FORCE_STOCK_ON_BILL
- New: Can search on part of barcode into POS module.
- New: Cheques into cheques receipts are ordered by operation date.
- New: Add hidden option MAIN_DISABLE_PDF_AUTOUPDATE to avoid generating pdf each time data change.
- New: Add hidden option PROJECT_HIDE_UNSELECTABLES to hide project you can't select into combo list.
- New: Support zip/town autocompletion into warehouses.
- New: Add box for last expired services.
- New: Reduce seriously size of packages.
- New: Can define country code for import.
- New: When invoice was generated from order, order date is visible on PDF, after order ref.
- New: [ task #181 ] Hide password of click2dial in user card.
- New: Chart are faster to build
- New: Value of data into charts are visible on mouse hover.
- New: Import wizard can import contacts.
- New: Import wizard can import personalized fields.
- New: Personalized fields support int type.
- New: Install process is now two times faster.
- New: Can sort files into backup tool.
- New: Default output charset are utf8 into backup tool.
- New: Add brazilian states.
- New: Increase usability of module project.
- New: [ task #285 ] Add search filter on project in tasks list.
- New: Automatic list of documents in ECM module is ok for customers,
       suppliers invoice, orders, customers orders, proposals and social contributions.
- New: All professional id can contains up to 128 chars instead of 32. 
- New: [ task #176 ] Allow to use ODT templates for proposals and orders like it's done for invoices
- New: Add hidden option MAIN_ADD_PDF_BACKGROUND to add a PDF as background of invoice/order generated PDF.
- New: Can convert a product/service into service/product.
- New: Show delivery date into proposal template azur. 
- New: Support tags into header and footer into ODT templates.
- Fix: Can use POS module with several concurrent users.
- Fix: Installer don't fails with Mysql version that added a ssl_cypher field.
- Fix: Sanitize input parameters.
- Fix: [ bug #368 ] Product list
- Fix: [ bug #370 ] Filter in accountancy -> suppliers_bills
- Fix: [ bug #399 ] Bad calculation of local taxes in update line products
- Fix: [ bug #427 ] Bad links to wiki help in certains menus

For developers:
- New: Can add a left menu into an existing top menu or left menu.
- New: Add webservice to get or create a product or service.
- New: Add webservice to get a user.
- New: Add more "hooks" (like hooks to change way of showing/editing lines into dictionnaries).
- New: Log module outputs can be setup with "or" rule (not only "xor").
- New: Add FirePHP output for logging module.
- New: Trigger now have a priority to define sort execution order.
- New: Can define different requests according to database type into migration files.
- New: Add "canvas" feature to overwrite page of thirdparty, contact, product with yours.
- New: Removed artichow deprecated libraries.
- New: A page can force reload of css style sheet
- New: A module can add import description for import wizard, even for tables with foreign keys.
- New: Can add tabs on statistics views.
- New: Add CSS id/class into public payment pages.
- Qual: Add a lot of more PHPUnit tests.
- Qual: Data structure for supplier prices is simpler.
- Qual: Removed no more used external libraries.
- Qual: Cleaned a lot of dead code.
- Qual: More OOP (usage of "abstract", "static", ...), uniformize constructors.
- Qual: Fix a lot of checkstyle warnings.
- Qual: task #216 : Move /lib into /core/lib directory
- Qual: task #217 : Move core files into core directory (login, menus, triggers, boxes, modules)
WARNING: To reduce technic debt, all functions dolibarr_xxx were renamed int dol_xxx.