Roadmap and Release 3.1.0 ("War against clicks" version)

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Version: 3.1.0 (List of other versions on page Category:RoadMap)
Release date: 2011-10-13
Main focus (What developers has mainly worked on, but not only, so for full list of changes see the detailed ChangeLog):

  • A lot of changes was made to reduce number of clicks required to use software.
  • Some enhancements was added to make building of external modules easiers.

Detailed Changelog:

***** ChangeLog for 3.1 compared to 3.0 *****
WARNING: IE6 browser is no more supported in this version.
For users:
- New: War against number of clicks:
     - When adding a free bank transaction, form to add next one is still
       visible (save one click).
     - task #10969 : Add checkbox to close automatically invoice if
       payment is complete (save 3 clicks).
     - Reduce a step into supplier order workflow to save time. If user
       has permission to approve, order is approved when order is validated.
       (Save 2 clicks).
     - In commercial main menu, left menu are already opened. This save one click
       to open a proposal or order.
     - Can add a discount for third party, during invoice edition (and we 
       saved clicks again).
     - When creating a contract, sales representative are preset to user. This save
       4 clicks.
     - Can edit several fields in bank transaction line page into one update.
     - Creation of contacts from third party page go back to third party.
     - Preselect model if there is only one. This save 2 clicks. 
     - Can remove a project if project has tasks. No need to delete task one by one.
- New: Enhance donation module. Add a status "canceled".
- New: Add filters on all statistics report pages.
- New: If a service contains subproducts, subpoducts are decrease when service
       is decrease.
- New: Add status for third parties to disable a third party.
- New: Can send interventions cards by email.
- New: Increase list of available notifications into module Notifications.
- New: Add option MAIN_FIRST_TO_UPPER to force upper case of first 
       letters for names and firstname.
- New: Can filter of payment type in bank transaction list.
- New: Status of users is visible into user list.
- New: Support BSB code for bank account in Australia.
- New: Can set date of payment for autocreate invoice/payment when 
       creating a foundation subscription.
- New: Can edit note of payment.
- New: Option to make login not mandatory in member module.
- New: Add box for last members for foundation module.
- New: A specialized menu can now be used when using smartphones.
- New: Can add information on current user on ODT generation.
- New: Prefix on third party is not used by default. Hidden option
       SOCIETE_USEPREFIX can restore old feature.
- New: Standing orders module use bank account from banks module.
- New: Ask password when creating a user from a contact.
- New: task #10577: Use a numbering module for shipment and contract.
- New: Can create manually order from proposal.
- New: Add a first workflow module to create automatic action on some
       events (create order on proposal closing).
- New: Use autocompletion on invoice select when creating replacement 
       or credit note invoice.
- New: task #10885: Add a week view for calendar.
- New: task #11018: Add a status "not applicable" on events.
- New: Add subscriptions/country/region/town statistics for member module.
- New: Can define a proxy for external web access.
- New: task #11003: checkbox on checks for deposit.
- New: Add status into export. Add third party default language into export.
- New: Can filter on date and bank account when building check receipts.
- New: task #10958 : Add link to cheque receipts into bank transaction 
       line if exists
- New: Can import external ical url into dolibarr agenda view.
- New: Can add a logo on third parties card.
- New: task #11194 : Can delete uploaded photos 
- New: task #9744 : Add the barcode to select products on Point of Sale module
- New: Subscription/Unsubscription to mailman mailing-list can be done on 
       validate/resiliate in foundation module.
- New: Can use extrafields on third parties.
- New: Add chart to report counts by status on element home area pages.
- New: Look: Usage of Jquery Notify to show result or error messages on action.
- New: Look: Minor enhancements into agenda view.
- New: Look: Nicer tooltips with transparency and shadow.
- New: task #11004: Create invoice from intervention.
- New: task #10501: Can use point of sale with different bank accounts.
- Fix: Better Postgresql compatibility.
- Fix: Numbering module for invoices use same number for invoice 
       and credit note if mask is same.
- Fix: Debug and clean withdraw module.

For developers:
- New: External modules can add tabs on agenda views.
- New: External modules can also remove default tabs.
- New: External modules can force skin directory so force their own skins.
- New: External modules can add their own menu manager.
- New: External modules can force menu manager.
- New: External modules can overwrite all default language files by
       forcing priority on langs directories on its own lang directory.
- New: External modules can show export list with an "enabled" condition.
- New: Support a backtopage parameter on contact creation page.
- New: Add id on div to show logo.
- New: Install wizard can activate a module at end of install.
- New: Dictionnary setup works with very large external dictionnaries (Add 
       page navigation).
- New: Add api to draw graphics with javascript (using Jquery Flot).
- New: Can add user login into menu urls added by modules.

For translators:
- New: Add fa_IR language.
- Fix: Move language ar_AR to ar_SA, sv_SV to sv_SE and da_Da to da_DK.