Roadmap and Release 2.4.0 ("Popularity" version)

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Version: 2.4.0 (List of other versions on page Category:RoadMap)
Release date: 2008-08-22
Main focus (What developers has mainly worked on, but not only, so for full list of changes see the detailed ChangeLog):

  • Version called "Popularity" (1st version with promotion on Internet)

Detailed Changelog:

For users:
- Add a calendar module (module agenda) with ical/vcal/rss export.
- Look enhancement in graphics (thanks artichow).
- Add tel and fax on delivery addresses.
- Add a tool to edit personalized menu.
- Add an ical and vcal export link in agenda and webcalendar module.
- Reduce memory usage.
- Now triggers are enabled/disabled according to module they refers to.
- Fix infinite loop on popup calendar.
- Change in tanslation to make Dolibarr easier to understand.
- Add a warning when sending a mail from a user with no email defined.
- Added clicktodial module.
- Add a property private/public in contact. This allows to user Dolibarr
  for a personnal address book.
- French NAF code can accept 5 chars.
- Supplier prices can be input with or without taxe.
- New generic numbering modules to offer more solutions for generating
  automatic id.
- Add new predefined exports wizards (stocks, suppliers, taxes...).
- Add feature to log security events (logon, change of users, passwords).
- Can link all documents (included supplier invoices and orders) to a 
- Can attach several files to email when sending an invoice, order or
  proposal by email.
- Can choose accuracy (number of decimals) for prices.
- Localization for decimal and thousand delimiter on number is fully
- More informations reported in system information pages.
- Add a budget report.
- Added a security audit report.
- Other minor changes (features, look, fixes)
- Added compatibility with Firefox 3.
- Changes for compatibility with PHP6/Mysql6.
- Some bug fixes.

For translators:
- Added spanish es_ES translation.
- Added en_AU translation.

For developers:
- Removed useless code:
  Replaced phplot and phplot5 librairies by artichow.
  Removed cryptograph library replaced by artichow.
- Login functions are now externalised as modules.
- Update code skeletons examples.
- Several enhancements to make addon development easier.
- Add a tool to generate PHP classes completely mapped to a table.
- Added a check to enable external modules only if dolibarr version is
  high enough.
- Changes in wizard installer to allow building autoexe installer for
  Windows with Apache and Mysql included.