Roadmap and Release 15.0.0

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Version: 15.0 (List of other versions on page Category:RoadMap)
Release date: February 2022
Main focus (What developers has mainly worked on, but not only, so for full list of changes see the detailed ChangeLog):
Online signature, standardization of code, maturity of features, more mass actions...

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Detailed Changelog:

For users:

NEW: Online proposal signature NEW: Can define some max limit on expense report (per period, per type or expense, ...) NEW: Allow the use of __NEWREF__ to get for example the new reference a draft order will get after validation. NEW: Add option to disable globaly some notifications emails. NEW: #18401 Add __NEWREF__ subtitute to get new object reference. NEW: #18403 Add __URL_SHIPMENT__ substitute to get the URL of a shipment NEW: #18689 REST API module: add api key generate / modify permission. NEW: #18663 Make "L'Annuaire des Entreprises" the default provider for SIREN verification for French thirdparties. NEW: #18046 Add tags on ticket/categories NEW: #18326 Workflow: Close order on shipment closing. NEW: #18770 Can enter the buying price (for Weighted Average Price update) on lines during the reception step NEW: #18814 Add legal form for Sweden NEW: #18820 Accountancy - Add product account in import/export of thirdparty (level 3) NEW: Accountancy - Format FEC/FEC2 - Add column NumFacture NEW: Add $dolibarr_main_db_readonly in conf.php for readonly access. NEW: add auto creation of agenda event on supplier_order cancellation NEW: Add a PDF document template for Manufacturing Orders NEW: Add budget field into task #18986 NEW: add cancel button to `classify reception` form on supplier_orders NEW: Added address field into contacts list NEW: Added documents page and send mail possibility in payments NEW: Add edit option in propal NEW: Added linked files page and send mail possibility in payments NEW: Add field date from/to in customer and supplier payment list NEW: Add filter from date to date into action/evt list NEW: Add import / export of MO and BOMLines - Close #18499 NEW: Adding accounting export model for iSuite Expert NEW: add link to an element by ref NEW: add missing printFieldListFrom hook call on several lists NEW: add MRP into Object Linked Box NEW: Add option to hide customer code on PDF documents NEW: Add param $nolog to avoid logging into dol_delete_recursive_dir() NEW: Add sale representative in order and invoice list NEW: add a setting to create PDF in PDF/A - 1b format #18990 NEW: Add `SOCIETE_SHOW_VAT_IN_LIST` to display VAT number in combo list of thirdparties NEW: Add sortorder on units list NEW: Adds PDF_HIDE_PRODUCT_LABEL_IN_SUPPLIER_LINES to hide product label in supplier order lines NEW: Add STOCK_MOVEMENT_LIST_HIDE_UNIT_PRICE to hide unit price on some pages NEW: add support for zstd compression NEW: Allow drag and drop on kits NEW: Allow exporting supplier order validation date + validation user NEW: Allows product ref generation after the form is validated with PRODUCT_GENERATE_REF_AFTER_FORM NEW: autocomplete account group when editing an account card NEW: Auto create invoice for payment done on an order with online payment link of order NEW: Can edit fields of proposal when proposal is not yet signed NEW: Can edit the translation key of an overwrote translation key. NEW: can enable/disable external calendar by default NEW: Can hide sender name on PDF documents NEW: Can select lot from a combo list of existing batch numbers (in MRP consumtion) NEW: Can set the default BOM on a product NEW: Can set/unset the usual working day of the week (friday, saturday, sunday) NEW: Can show progression of task into combo list of tasks NEW: can upload the odt file for the product doc template NEW: Contract - Add From/to input on search date NEW: Customer Display with TakePOS NEW: Split Sale in TakePOS NEW: Customer invoice template list - Add input date from/to NEW: date filter on project list and task list From->To NEW: display shipping method and tracking url on shipment list NEW: expense reports: conf to force amounts to be entered only including taxes NEW: expense reports: conf to pre-fill start/end dates with bounds of current month NEW: expense reports: show link to already existing overlapping expense report NEW: expense reports: can make project field mandatory on lines NEW: Expose bank account holder, label and number NEW: feature #18986 NEW: field and behavior in product object NEW: generate intervention from time spent NEW: holiday: handle monthly balance updates with cronjob NEW: HRM integration, source code NEW: HRM admin - Add tabs NEW: HRM - Include more options to manage/custom dashboard NEW: Increase size of params of actions for emailcollector NEW: Invoice list - Use complete country select field with EEC or not NEW: mass action delete, no more break if at least one object has child NEW: mass action paid on customer invoice list NEW: massaction validate on supplier orders list NEW: Mass action send email to all attendees of an event. NEW: expense reports: conf to pre-fill start/end dates with bounds of current month NEW: Option "Add a link on the PDF to make the online payment" NEW: More options to generate PDF (show Frame option, width of picture option) NEW: Preview of pdf files of expense report lines NEW: print without details NEW: project time spent: conf to prevent recording time after X months NEW: rewrite bind accountancy code finding on customer and sales invoice NEW: Societe - Add perentity functionality on customer/supplier accountancy auxiliary account NEW: Survey - Add a clickable link in email send NEW: Social Contributions - Add from/to filter on list NEW: Supplier order and proposal - Add From/to input on search date NEW: Task - Add From/to input on search date NEW: Add theme option THEME_ELDY_USEBORDERONTABLE NEW: The Anti-CSRF protection MAIN_SECURITY_CSRF_WITH_TOKEN is on to value 1 by default NEW: Update SQL : install and migration NEW: Use an ajax call for the clicktodial feature instead of href link. NEW: when multiple order linked to facture, show list into note. NEW: when we delete several objects with massaction, if somes object has child we must see which objects are concerned and nevertheless delete objects which can be deleted NEW: Editing a page in website module keep old page with name .back NEW: External backups can be downloaded from the "About info page". NEW: Add massaction to switch status on sale / on purchase of a product. Modules NEW: Stable module Knowledge Management NEW: Experimental module Event Organization Management NEW: Experimental module Workstations Management NEW: Development of module Partnership Management For developers:
NEW: Introduce method hasRight NEW: Can use textarea field into a confirm popup. NEW: Can use the result_mode of mysqli driver. Save memory for list count NEW: #18319 REST API - Shipment: Add 'close' action / endpoint / POST method. NEW: Add API /approve and /makeOrder for purchase orders. NEW: add action trigger for member excluded NEW: add option MAIN_IBAN_IS_NEVER_MANDATORY, MAIN_IBAN_NOT_MANDATORY, PROPAL_NOT_BILLABLE, PROPAL_REOPEN_UNSIGNED_ONLY, PROPOSAL_ARE_NOT_BILLABLE, TICKETS_MESSAGE_FORCE_MAIL NEW: Add code codebar column on serial/lot structure NEW: Add date_valid and date_approve columns in the list of supplier orders NEW: add hook `beforeBodyClose` NEW: Add hook hookGetEntity. NEW: add hookmanager on note pages NEW: add hook 'menuLeftMenuItems' to filter the leftmenu items NEW: Add the property "copytoclipboard" in modulebuilder NEW: api for knowledgemanagement NEW: API get list of legal form of business NEW: API list of staff units NEW: hook after rank update NEW: printFieldListFrom hook call on several lists NEW: Use lang selector when using a field key 'lang' in modulebuilder NEW: we need to be able to put more filters on deleteByParentField() function NEW: make it easier to set the `keyword`, `keywords` and `description` attributes of an ecm file object NEW: Experimental feature to manage user sessions in database NEW: Hidden option API_DISABLE_COMPRESSION is now visible in API setup page. NEW: Add hook printUnderHeaderPDFline on invoice PDF templates (can be used for example to add a barcode or more information on header of invoices). Following changes may create regressions for some external modules, but were necessary to make Dolibarr better: *ALL EXTERNAL MODULES THAT WERE NOT CORRECTLY DEVELOPPED WILL NOT WORK ON V15 (All modules that forgot to manage the security token field into forms will be broken. The security token field is expected since Dolibarr v9 but a lot of external modules did not implement it). *Update hook 'printOriginObjectLine', removed check on product type and special code. Need now reshook. *Old deprecated module "SimplePOS" has been completely removed. Use module "TakePOS" is you need a Point Of Sale. *The method static ActionComm::getActions($db, ...) is no more static. Use $actioncomm->getActions(...) instead (without $db param). *The 'action=delete&file=...' has been replaced with 'action=deletefile&file=...' to avoid confusion with deletion of object lines. *Method getDictvalue has been renamed into getDictionaryValue to match camel case rule. *To execute shell or command line command, your code must never use method like exec, shell_exec, popen, .. but must use the built-in method executeCLI() available into core/class/utils.class.php *Class file expeditionbatch.class.php renamed to expeditionlinebatch.class.php *ExpeditionLineBatch::fetchAll is not static anymore and first parameter $db is removed *ExtraFields->showOutputField parameter 4 'extrafieldsobjectkey' is now required *CommonObject method add_object_linked now sets targettype to 'mymodule_myobject' instead of 'myobject', you can use hook 'setLinkedObjectSourceTargetType' to set your usual targettype