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  • Title: Foundation board General Meeting
  • Date: 16 / 02 / 2024
  • Location: Online with Google Meet


  • 159 members up to date in 2023
  • Quorum : must be 25% of valid members, so 40 valid members are needed to approve the votes

Moral Report


The moral report is approved by 49 valid members

Fiscal Report


The fiscal report is approved by 49 valid members

Internal regulations changes (révision of 3 january 2024, 14h57)


The internal regulations changes is approved by 49 valid members

List of members applying to be the foundation board for 2024

  • Laurent Destailleur (Dolicloud)
  • Philipe Grand (
  • Jean Heimburger (Tiaris)
  • Florian Henry (Scopen)
  • Maxime Kohlhaas (ATM Consulting)
  • Emmanuel Oyez (Nord ERP CRM)
  • Alexandre Spangaro (Easya Solutions)
  • Nicolas Zabouri (Inovea Conseil)


The List of members the foundation board 2024 is approved by 49 valid members

Other subjects freely discuss after approbation

  • In order to promote Dolibarr, the foundation think about :
    • hire someone for communication and/or administrative task. This is not the same job and not meet the same requirements, there is already a draft job description on going to define tasks needed by the foundation. But foundation, actually, do not have budget to hire a artistic director, VIP representative, community manager and a desk advisor, there will be choice to made according budget and need.
    • rent a "big" booth at Solution ERP manifestation with different preferred(or not) partners at the same place, at the same time
    • replace the actual Dolistore with a new software, more manageable by the foundation
    • give a template for "Dolibarr Workgroups" that can be dedicated on various subjects around the project, that could be drive by external board foundation members
  • During this time, other subject pop's:
    • how promote Dolibarr on professional confederation or state organization like in France CPME, CCI, why not BPI, that can be a real growth vector
    • other global maketplace for module/extension (like CodeCanyon, Shopify, etc..) exists. Actually, there is no plan and wish to plug the future DoliStore to these platforms
    • North America market need promoters, contributors, and funds to make it compliant with local laws
  • Reminders also part of this meetings was:
    • Dolibarr France Foundation is a template of organization that can be replicate in other geographical area (for example,like it is the case in Germany) to promote Dolibarr internationally. The Dolibarr French foundation will give help for building these world's communities.
    • Dolibarr is publish under GPL (version 3) license, this license is contaminant, so all modules that need Dolibarr to work (use code of Dolibarr) must be publish under GPL (version 3) or compatible, there is no possibility to distribute a Dolibarr module that is not compliant with the license rules (for example, must not have obfuscated code that limit the usability of the module). The only case were externals applications can publish under others licenses is when the only link with Dolibarr is with core Rest API.