Report board meeting 20220208 teleconf


  • Title: Foundation board meeting
  • Date: 08/02/2022
  • Location: Online with Jitsi


Valid members of the board (subscription up to date), present:

  • Laurent Destailleur
  • Florian HENRY
  • Maxime Kohlhaas
  • Nicolas ZABOURI
  • Jean Heimburger
  • Philippe Grand


  • Assurance Responsabilité Civile:

-> A souscrire (pour les événements et le reste)... Alexandre pose la question à un assureur => RDV pris le lundi 20 décembre. Il est préférable de prendre un RC 400€ par an, une option est possible pour une assistance juridique. => A quote must be send by the insurer

  • PRA

-> If our Hosting provider close should we need to backup data on physical support ? => no need for the moment backup of application and databse are online

  • Trimestrial Meeting for developers

Action Alexander: A.Spangaro will send a draft to promote a trimestrial meeting with Dolibarr Preferred Partners to discuss about co-module developpement, integration of external module into Dolibarr Core..... To be planned.

  • DolibarrDay

Next will occur the 3rd of march 2022 at Nancy (Mercure Hotel) => Some quotations have been received for a DolibarrDay in Nancy for around 60 people. Communication are done on ( and by mailling (will be added a link to unsubribe on your dolistore account, opt-in come from Dolistore) ATM suggest to make a DolibarrDay every year on October. It could be nice to have Dolibarr Partner's (community activ) in west cost the can be organizer of DolibarrDay event.

  • DevCamp

Next will occur during in 19-20-21-22 May 2022 Code42 (with Eric G.) is ok to organized a DevCamp at Nantes Max subscription : 20 person's Fundation will send sample bugdet of previous DevCamp to Code42 Why not invite the creator of Dolibarr at this devcamp for the 20th anniversary ?

  • Module Banking4Dolibarr from Open-Dsi.

Action Alexandre: Alexandre will install the module. Alexandre must setup the module and present it to Philippe (to help to conciliate supplier invoices). OK to start to try to include the module into the Dolibarr core...

  • Task done by Laurent during past month (access not public):

  • Yogosha

Campaign is still opened. Some funds are available => 1600 euros still available.

  • Dolibarr PartnerShip

TODO: We must develop a public page to allow applicant to apply... => Action Laurent: L. Destailleur will create basic pages for each preferred partners on the website, by copying the wiki pages. Partners will send a specific text if they want. Update will be done manually in the foundation's Dolibarr. A list of preferred partners will be added to the website. Communication will be done later TODO: Service will be tagged on thirdparty into the foundation Dolibarr.

Goodies: Action Alexandre: Alexandre has collected the address we want to send goodies to thanks the moderator. Philippe must make the order with the shipment address => Philippe has the list.

  • Dolistore

Action Nicolas: install the feature to filter on tag on the production server (already available on the dev platform). The feature is available on the and files are commited on the github of the foundation. Action Nicolas: Nicolas will pushed it in production. => New rules will be added into CGU of Dolistore, After 3 times breaking a same rules on a module, the module will be permattly desactivated, after 3 modules desactivated, the user account responsible will be permatly disabled.

  • User Testimonial

Maxime has the idea to publish testimonial on the web site. We need a webmaster to complete the website. The foundation is the future may hire a community animator. Action ???: Add the js component on the web site. Collect the testimonies of use case. Action Maxime: Sample page is writen by Maxime Action Laurent: Put code for caroussel in

  • AG to prepare

Moral report has been started: Financial report is done :