Office and Board Members

This is some information to allow you to known how to contact the foundation. You will find generic contacts and a list of main actors name.

Generic contact

  • For a generic contact of the foundation:
  • To contact the treasurer:
  • To contact the secretary:

Zip address

 Association Dolibarr (Philippe Grand)
 265 rue de la vallée,
 45160 Olivet.

Members of Office

The current Dolibarr foundation office team members are (Elections are renewed annually):

  • President / Président / Presidente / Präsident :

Maxime Kohlhaas

  • Secretary / Secrétaire / Secretario / Sekretär:

Florian Henry

  • Treasurer / Trésorier / Tesorero / Schatzmeister:

Philippe Grand

Information on those roles: Roles of office members

Members of Board

The current Dolibarr foundation board team members are:


Other people working on Dolibarr are not always members of the Dolibarr foundation. A list of Dolibarr actors is available on page Dolibarr Project.