Modules - Packaging rules and Dolistore validation rules

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Art.png Enabling/activation condition of external module on DoliStore

Here are the rules that will be apply by Dolibarr team on validation/activation of external module on []


All module files have to be inside module directory, check this template GitHub Dolibarr Module Template


  • To include a core file, use
include_once/require_once/include/require DOL_DOCUMENT_ROOT.'/pathtofile';
  • To include a file of module into a file of same module, use
include_once/require_once/include/require './mymoduledir/...';
  • To include a file of another external module into a module file, use


All link to generated by HTML should be done by getNomUrl object class method or at least using dol_buildpath

Custom directory management

An external module called mymodule can be installed into htdocs/custom/mymodule as well as in htdocs/mymodule. It must works in both cases

Core file modifications

If dolibarr core files have to be modified, it will be accepted :

  • If they are pushed to dolibarr dev branch on GitHub (add feature to standard class without risk of regression, html.form.class.php/function.lib.php,...)
  • If what you push is adding hooks or triggers, or optionnal parameter to existing functions.


If your module is not free you have to give a email adress for support (or a website that allow customers to contact you)

Product description is mandatory in English, French, Spanish (and support email as well)