Module Web Services API SOAP (developer)

Web services
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When enabling this module, you enable usage of web services provided by Dolibarr server. You can then make SOAP call of different web services provided by Dolibarr.

  SOAP is a deprecated protocol. It is highly recommended to use the Module Web Services REST instead.

Dolibarr web services server

Once module webservices is activated, Dolibarr become also a server of web services. So you can send your own SOAP request to relative URL /webservices/server_xxx.php where xxx can be

  • "actioncomm"
  • "category"
  • "contact"
  • "invoice"
  • "order"
  • "other"
  • "productorservice"
  • "supplier_invoice"
  • "thirdparty"
  • "user"

For example on Dolibarr demo, send your SOAP requests to

Only few services are available. You can see full list of Dolibarr Webservices provided, by calling the URL with no POST parameters.

For example, to see all Webservices functions available on Dolibarr demo, just call the following URL with no parameters:

To get the WSDL file that describe webservices contracts, you can call:

Dolibarr web services client

Note that you can see an example of code for a PHP client calling this relative URL /webservices/server_other.php

For example on Dolibarr demo, call the client user interface

List of provided services

List of available services can be viewed by calling the page /webservices/ on your Dolibarr installation. For example, for the demo Dolibarr server, full URL is:

This list is very short but will be completed with future Dolibarr versions...