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Help on screen: Module Third parties setup

Menu path: Home -> Setup -> Modules -> Third parties -> Setup (with 'eldy' menu manager)

Module for third parties code generation and checking (customer or supplier)

Choose here which sub-module to use, for generating a customer code (and supplier code) of a newly created third party.

Move your mouse onto the "?" at end of lines to know what are the rules provided by the module.

Example of setup

Configuration CodeTiers Dolibar.jpg

In this example, we chose to use the sub-module "Elephant" to define rule for generating customers and suppliers code. Because this sub-module need masks, we added them in corresponding fields.

Module for accountancy code generation (customer or supplier)

Choose here which module to use to define automatically an accountancy code for newly created third parties.

Modules to build documents (Documents templates)

Activate here documents generation modules you want to have on combo list used by pages that suggest to generate a document.

Module Generic ODT

With this module, you define a list of file system path containing ODT templates files (files must end with .odt). You can use OpenOffice or any word processor able to save files with .odt format.

Then add and edit your ODT templates files with the text of documents you want to get.

Place inside this templates some tags that will be replaced at the generation process. This is full list of possible tags:

  • {mycompany_name}   -> En verysmall.png Your company name / Fr verysmall.png Nom de votre company / Es verysmall.png Nombre de su empresa
  • {mycompany_email}
  • {mycompany_phone}
  • {mycompany_fax}
  • {mycompany_address}
  • {mycompany_zip}
  • {mycompany_town}
  • {mycompany_country}
  • {mycompany_url}
  • {mycompany_barcode}
  • {mycompany_vat}
  • {mycompany_idprof1}
  • {mycompany_idprof2}
  • {mycompany_idprof3}
  • {mycompany_idprof4}
  • {mycompany_note}
  • {company_name}   -> En verysmall.png Third party name / Fr verysmall.png Nom du tiers / Es verysmall.png Nombre del tercero
  • {company_email}
  • {company_phone}
  • {company_fax}
  • {company_address}
  • {company_zip}
  • {company_town}
  • {company_country}
  • {company_url}
  • {company_barcode}
  • {company_vat}
  • {company_customercode}
  • {company_suppliercode}
  • {company_customeraccountancycode}
  • {company_supplieraccountancycode}
  • {company_idprof1}
  • {company_idprof2}
  • {company_idprof3}
  • {company_idprof4}
  • {company_note}

Professional Id unique (Rules on Professional Ids)

For each professionals id listed, you must indicate which must be unique and which may be duplicates.


Define or not other options.