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Customer orders module allows you to manage the following entities in Dolibarr:

  • Customer orders
  • Lines of customer order

Supplier orders are managed by the Module Suppliers (developer) module.

Entity Order

The PHP class to use to manipulate such object is file htdocs/commande/class/commande.class.php.

It contains CRUD methods to create (C), read (R), update (U) and delete (D) this object.

Business rules:

  • A command/order has several command/order lines
  • It is possible to attach 1 to n contacts for an order
  • To complete...

Life Cycle:

  • An order can be created in draft mode (Causes trigger ORDER_CREATE)
  • An order can be changed (Causes trigger ORDER_UPDATE)
  • An order can be validated (Causes trigger ORDER_VALIDATE)


  • ->commande->lire
  • ->commande->creer
  • ->commande->valider
  • ->commande->envoyer
  • ->commande->cloturer
  • ->commande->annuler
  • ->commande->supprimer
  • ->commande->export

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