Module Reception

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With this module you can manage accurate reception of products.

Note: For shipments, see Module Shipments.


This module is included with the Dolibarr distribution, so there is no need to install it.


To use this module, you must first enable it using an administrator account, via the menu option "Home - Setup - Modules".

Choose the tab where the module is listed. Then click on "Activate".

The module is now activated.

If a cog icon appears   on module thumb or at end of the line of the module, click on it to access the setup page specific to the module.


When the module is activated, it becomes possible to create a reception from a purchase order. The workflow for a reception is as follows:

Draft (0) ---X---> Validated = Prepared / To receive or received (1) ---X---> Processed (Closed / Received) '' (2)
                                                 \                                  /


  • For status other than "Draft", the quantity can no longer be modified.
  • Number in parenthesis: Numeric value of the status in the database
  • X means that the stock can be automatically decremented during this step (depending on the stock decrement configuration of Stock Module).