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version 3.2 - 15/04/2022

Module name Module KMGArchiGED
Editor / Editeur Kevin GUERRIER
Download or buy page / Page achat ou téléchargement Dolistore
Status / Statut / Estado Stable
Prerequisites / Prérequis Dolibarr min version 5.0.4   
Last update date / Date mise à jour fiche / Fecha última actualización 2023-01-17
Note / Nota In Progress - Screenshots not yet translated : Documentation EN


The KMGArchiGED module has been developed to allow the management of incoming documents within a structure, their reception from a scanning device managing the sending by FTP, their transmission by email, their link with native elements of Dolibarr, as well as than their archiving.

The use case at the origin of the module is the following :

  • The mails are received by the secretariat which has a network scanner on which shortcuts have been configured :
    • Suppliers Invoices
    • Bank Documents
    • Social Document
    • Dues and taxes
    • Others mails
  • Depending on the documents, the person sends the items to the correct bib, checks that the document has been correctly transmitted from the module, and then stores the paper documents.
  • Processing can be done directly by staff members within different departments directly from the module.

For example :

  • Supplier invoices can be entered from the preview and the document can be directly linked to ;
  • Social documents or tax correspondence can be sent by e-mail to the accountant for further information ;
  • Customer payment notices can be used to enter payments with correct lettering and the document can be linked to the third party to maintain traceability ;
  • Statements of account can be attached to the corresponding bank account ;
  • The worksheets, followed by interventions, activity reports, ... can be attached to the projects and tasks concerned ;
  • ...



Compatibility for Dolibarr 14 & 15.

Adding Link to VAT payment, contact and supplier proposal



Compatibility for Dolibarr 13.



It is also possible to define a virtual banner for each user as well as for each group.

A tab dedicated to these settings is available from the user card> "KMGArchiGED configuration"



The installation archive contains a kmgarchiged folder containing all the files required for the proper functioning of the module. In order to be activated in the modules configuration interface, the kmgarchiged folder must be copied to either the htdocs directory or the htdocs/custom directory.

Note that the use of the htdocs/custom directory requires that the parameters




has been correctly defined.

Once this file has been transmitted, the module can be activated from the module configuration interface of your Dolibarr instance (Home > Configuration > Modules).


Once the module is installed, access to the configuration is done by the icon ending line.

Event Types Section

The KMGArchiGED module automatically generates events in the calendar when a user processes a document. It is possible to create specific event codes for deleting, linking, notifying a document from the module, or for receiving a document in the module. If these types of events are not present in your instance of Dolibarr, it is possible to create it by using the "Add" button. Otherwise, the event type AC_OTH_AUTO, which defines the "Events inserted automatically" will be used.

Email section

If the sending by email is correctly configured on your Dolibarr instance, it is possible to transmit a document present in a banner by email. Pre-filled information is customizable in this section. In any case, the user can modify the elements before each sending.

Tools section

The KMGArchiGED module uses functions external to the Dolibarr engine and therefore requires the use of external tools. To date, only the convert command is used, in particular to generate the preview images of a document. This order is present on most of the accommodations. If you encounter a problem viewing a preview of a document when viewing a mail bin, please check that the convert command is found by the module in this section.

If this command is not found, it is necessary to install (or activate) it on your server. If, despite this, the problem persists, please contact our support.

Links section for direct sending by FTP

This section details the paths to the available bins, information needed to configure network devices for FTP document transmission (see below: Features > Transmitting a document by FTP). They must of course be adapted according to your configuration.


Access to virtual bins

The documents can be transmitted in a "virtual banner". Access to each of these bins is subordinated to Dolibarr module permissions. By default, the following bins are available :

Virtual bins Module Permission

Suppliers Invoices


Read supplier invoices

Social Documents

Special expenses

Read social or fiscal taxes and vat

Dues and taxes

Bank documents

Banks and cash

Read financial accounts



Use KMGArchiged



It is also possible to define a virtual banner for each user as well as for each group.

A tab dedicated to these settings is available from the user card> "KMGArchiGED configuration"


Note that the administrator role allows access to all virtual bins.

If you think of other bins or if your operation requires the use of specific bins, do not hesitate to contact us.

Transmission of a document by FTP

This feature requires the document directory and its contents to be accessible by FTP. This feature is available for the majority of hosting. The login information (access address, user and password) will be required to configure the scanning device (Copier, MFP, Network Scanner, ...). It is possible to set shortcuts for a virtual banner by adapting the path.

The following is an example configuration for a direct shortcut to "Supplier Invoices".

FTP connection information

  • FTP server address :
  • Username : myUser
  • Password : myPass
  • FTP root : In the folder containing htdocs directories and Dolibarr documents

Shortcut Configuration (from a Xerox WorkCentre 6515DN MFP)

  • Hostname :
  • Document path : /documents/kmgarchiged/SupplierInvoices
  • Login name : myUser
  • Password : myPass
  • Confirm password : myPass

As seen previously, the information relating to the different available bins is specified in the configuration page of the module. They must of course be adapted according to your configuration.

The KMGArchiGED module is intended to work with PDF files. The full compatibility of the module with the use of other formats is not guaranteed. If you want to support particular types of files, do not hesitate to contact us.

Transmission of a document by direct upload

The main interface of the module lists the bins available to the user according to these rights. For each of these bins, the list of present documents is displayed, and under this list, a section allows the user to add a new document.

Consultation and document management of a virtual bin

A document in a bin is displayed as follows :

  • The preview link of the complete document (file icon with magnifying glass) as well as the date on which the document was seen for the first time by the module are displayed in the header. An image representing the first third of the first page of the document is displayed below, followed by the list of events already performed for this document.
  • The right part allows :
    • to send by email the document to a third party, to a contact, to a user, or directly to an email address. The subject and the body of the mail are pre-filled and can be adjusted by the user before sending. In the case where the document is transmitted to a user having access to the KMGArchiGED module, a direct link allowing access to the document and the module is added in the body of the mail ;
    • to link the document to a native element of Dolibarr (among Third Parties, Bank, Propale Customer, Sales Order, Customer Invoice, Supplier Order, Supplier Invoice, Project, Task, Social Charge), with the possibility to rename it in the process (the extension must not be specified in the new name and is automatically repeated) ;
    • to archive a document for which no further action is required ;

If you want to link a document to other types of elements (native or from an external module) or if you want another feature, do not hesitate to contact us.

Viewing archived documents

Once archived, the documents are accessible from the KMGArchiGED> Archives menu. This interface lists the documents according to the period in which they were received in the module (filter in the quarter, split by week and by bin).

The documents are listed below each other, and are preceded by a preview link of the complete document (file icon with magnifying glass). The document name is clickable to download the file directly. Note that the available bins also depend on the permissions granted to the user. Since version 1.51, it is possible to delete an archived document. This feature needs a specific permission and must be enabled for the user.

If you wish to carry out additional actions within these archives or if you wish another functionality, do not hesitate to contact us.

Development & Support

This module is developed and maintained by Kevin GUERRIER. Any request for information, technical question, proposal for improvement, feedback anomaly, ... must be sent by email to the address support[at]