Module DoliMyAdmin (Administration of Dolibarr Database)


The DoliMyAdmin module for Dolibarr is used to manage the "raw" data of the Dolibarr database in use.

A kind of mini PhpMyAdmin specific to the current database.


  • Display the list of tables of the current Dolibarr database.
  • Display the list of records of the selected table
  • Add / Edit / Delete records (submitted directly to the database)
  • Export records in CSV format
  • Does not require any additional login / password, if your Dolibarr works, the DoliMyAdmin module will also work


Some use cases

  • If you have a problem in Dolibarr, it will allow you to quickly diagnose problematic data and possibly fix it manually without having to deal with the complexity of PhpMyAdmin.
  • You do not have access to PhpMyAdmin and you still want to keep an eye on your "raw" data.
  • Quickly export data from tables of interest for backup or integration into another Dolibarr instance.

More info can be found here: Doc DoliMyAdmin

Demo: Demo

DoliStore card: DoliMyAdmin