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This page describe setup options for Module Customers Invoices (Menu Home - Setup - Modules - Invoices)

Numbering module for invoices

Every company uses different numbering formats for their invoices. Dolibarr includes several sub-modules that implement different numbering rules/formats. Only one sub-module can be used.

There is also a module that allows you to specify the format from a template mask. Hover the cursor over the help icon to see the comprehensive syntax available to define the template.

Note: If there is no numbering sub-module that matches your format, you can still hire a developer to build one!

Invoice documents models

Also, you can use several predefined invoices document models. To build an invoice using a particular model, go on invoice tab and, in the array "Documents" at the bottom of the page, choose the model and click on "Build" to generate the document for invoice from this model.

You can use different types of document generation (PDF or ODT). You must enable the models you want to use (you can then use them from the invoice tab in the "Documents" area by selecting the template and clicking "Generate", to regenerate the invoice with a particular document template). The model provided by default is "crabe", which is a PDF template fulfilling the legal obligations of most countries of the world.

Payment mode suggested by default on document

You can set in this area, the modes of payment with the contact information you want to see on generated documents.

Add extra mention on documents

If you want to add an additional legal notice in the footer on the invoice, enter the reference in section "Free text" and save. Each new invoice will be show this mention in its footer.

Note: If you change this information, remember to click on "Rebuild" form invoice tab to rebuild the document to take into account the change.

Other options

Invoice date

If this option is activated, the invoice date will be automatically set to the validation date when invoice is validated. Without this option, you are free to put the date you want.


Note: Rules to calculate VAT is not an option of module invoice. You will find more information on this page: VAT calculation and rounding rules