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To be informed on what happen on Dolibarr project, you can subscribe to Dolibarr mailing-lists or to social networks groups...

RSS Feeds

You can subscribe to the Dolibarr RSS feed (english): https://www.dolibarr.org/rss

The Social Networks of Dolibarr project

You can also subscribe on social networks groups dedicated to Dolibarr news. It is the recommended mode to be informed on Dolibarr project.

Publishing on such social medias are done by community leaders of Dolibarr project. Request can also be done by foundation members if news match requirements described onto page To_promote_Dolibarr#Using_Dolibarr_Channels_by_Dolibarr_members.

En verysmall.png English (official)

For developer live exchange:

For general news / new version announcement

Fr verysmall.png French

Pour les échanges Live entre développeurs:

Pour les news générales et annonces de nouvelles versions:

De verysmall.png Germany

Gr verysmall.png Greece

It verysmall.png Italia

Nl verysmall.png Nederland

Pt verysmall.png Portugal

Es verysmall.png Spanish

The Forums

You can find forums on dolibarr web site https://www.dolibarr.org


There was also a non official channel #dolibarr for support and development and #dolibarr-offtopic for off-topic on Freenode. A web client is available here.

For public IRC:


This channel is now abandonned.