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(Draft page, no need to be translated)

Story board for Module Project:

Video Title: Why and how to use projects in Dolibarr (opportunities, tasks, timesheet, ...)

Voice Over Visuals in the Video
TODO: Say that Dolibarr is a modular application and that you can enable the features of your choice. Among them, there is the module "Project". The module project can be used for several different purposes TODO: Show how to enable the module project from the setup, show how to create project and choose the usage of the project (Opportunity management, Task management, Time sheet or to group any other information of Dolibarr)
Title slide: Opportunities
Title slide: Tasks management
TODO Create tasks TODO Show Gantt diagram
Title slide: TimeSheets
If you are an employee, assign a particular task to yourself if your supervisor hasn't already assigned it to you. The complete process of creation and approval of timesheets is presented into the Video about the "Project" module.  
Show assigning a task to self. Show URL of our Youtube channel with a text "Watch our videos on ..."
Once a task is assigned, you will be able to enter hours for the task on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. Click on the appropriate tab menus such as “Input per month” etc.
Here's how you can fill out the hours spent for this task on a daily basis. Fill in the hours on a daily basis.
And here's how you would fill in the hours on a weekly basis. Fill in the hours on a weekly basis.
Note that you can also enter time on monthly daily basis. Click to show the tab to enter on a monthly basis. No need to enter data.
Title slide: The 360 View
TODO Show that projects can also be used for a 360 view of your activity by grouping Quotation, Order, Invoices, Time spent, etc in the same view. Click to show the tab "Preview" of a project