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(Draft page, no need to be translated) This page is a description of content we are looking to have a basic presentation of Dolibarr ERP-CRM. See also page Draft:Video Presentation Ecosystem (Show room) for a video for show rooms.


Between 3mn and 6mn.

Target is a video to add into any web site.


AVI Sources (screen recording AVI, SVG) must be provided.


The video + voice must show following information:

  • Dolibarr can be easyly installed with a install wizard available for all platforms (windows, mac, linux)
  • Dolibarr first step of setup (setup of the company or foundation to manage)
  • Dolibarr second step of setup (activate feature modules). For example, we activate third party, invoice, proposal, products and agenda
  • Example on how to create a product or service. We end saying that the only difference between product and service is that product contains unit measure (size, length...) but service contains a duration (ponctual, 1 month, 1 year...)
  • Example on how to create a customer/supplier.
  • Example on how to create a proposal or order by adding a free line and by adding a predefined product entered at previous step and generate PDF and send it by email.
  • Example on how to create an invoice (saying we can also generate it from proposal
  • Showing input of a payment of invoice.
  • Showing how the bank account is automatically field when payments are input
  • Showing agenda content that was filled with previous events done in presentation and how to add manually a rendez-vous.
  • End by saying there is a lot of other modules and showing list of main of them (stock, intervention, contracts, point of sale, project management, and also interfaces to LDAP, Paypal...)

Text used for voice must be validated by Dolibarr team (contact@dolibarr.org)

Contact for Video collaboration: