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Welcome on the Dolibarr foundation home page.

The foundation to promote and develop Dolibarr ERP & CRM OpenSource software.

Pagemaster.png The articles of foundation and contacts

Pagemaster.png Reports

Orientation.png Past actions and reports

The list of major actions and past events are available on page Handrail and Reviews.

Orientation.png Ongoing actions

The list of tasks and activities in progress on the creation of the association is available on page ToDoAssociationDolibarr

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To join

To contact foundation

  • The contacts of the foundation, by email (when in doubt, take your chance, emails boxes are shared):
  • Postal address of foundation:
 Association Dolibarr (Philippe Grand)
 265 rue de la vallée,
 45160 Olivet.
  • To join or make a donation, use the page Subscribe.

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Lug.png Board members area

  • Link to access Manager of foundation:
  • Link to view sites' statistics:
    • Wiki Available in the manager of the foundation
    • Demo Available in the manager of the foundation
    • Portal Available in the manager of the foundation
    • French portal Statistics not available
  • Link to access the administration tool of the ML-dolibarr Association: