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This page is a tutorial to explain how to install Dolibarr ERP-CRM on the Google Cloud, called App.

Warning.png This tutorial is not yet complete ! The reason is that, even if Google support PHP into its Cloud platforms, you can't use a true PHP application yet, because it miss a lot of feature. For example, it is not yet possible to do the following things:

  • ability to write upload files.
  • ability to use a database from PHP (Mysql database are available but you can't use it with the Google PHP).
  • some important PHP functions are disabled.

Create a Google account

If you don't have any Google Account yet, create one by clicking on "Sign In" on page:

Create an instance

Go to your cloud Console: and choose App Engine (or more directly

Click onto button "My Applications" then "Create Application" and enter name of your instance container, for example mycontainer, then validate.

After few seconds, your container is ready but no application stored into it.

Go back to your instance:, select mycontainer, then menu Applications Settings. At bottom of page, into entry Cloud Integration, click onto "Create Cloud Integration" if container is not yet setup to use Google Cloud systems.

Go back to API: and choose Services and activate Cloud SQL. Go also into Billing and start to enter billing information.

Submit Dolibarr files

You can use appcfg tool from Google App SDK to push your application static files. But an easier way to work is to have a git project and use git push to publish:

  • In the App Engine Admin Console for your app (App Engine, select app, then click Application Settings on left nav bar), enable Source Push-to-deploy
  • Obtain and copy both the auth token by clicking on the link, and the repo URL that is displayed in the box:
  • In your git cloned project, add remote repo
git remote add appengine <repo-url>

More information on this process here:

Run Dolibarr install Wizard

Once all previous steps are done, you can call the page xxxx to run the Dolibarr install wizard.

Let all value detected by default. All you have to provide is:

  • database server: replace localhost with xxxx
  • database name: mycontainer
  • database user: mycontainer
  • database password: mycontainer password

Outgoing Email Settings

Once dolibarr application is working, to allow your PHP to send emails (using the php function mail), you must configure a SMTP provider. Go into menu Configuration - Outgoings EMails settings, and enter all information for your SMTP provider.

Example to use GMail SMTP server (click twice on image to enlarge): To complete.

You can send a test email from Dolibarr menu: Home - Setup - EMails