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This page provides information on Dolibarr project organization, different roles of actors and actions to help.


Orientation.png Dolibarr history and future (Roadmap)

See page Origin, history and future roadmap of Dolibarr

Who.png Actors and their roles in the Dolibarr galaxy

The current Dolibarr team is a group of people, helped (or sponsored) by miscellaneous physicals or morals contributors (companies, foundations). The following chapters presents roles and functions occupied by everybody in the Dolibarr project management. This make possible to understand the way the project works. Some roles and functions are always waiting for candidates.

Volunteers to apply to a role in the project are invited to send a message on the dev mailing list of Dolibarr.

If you need information to participate as a developer, the page Developer FAQ How to be an official developer may be more helpfull.

The following links show a list of actors that works or have worked on Dolibarr project.

The following chapters shows the different developer roles, then every non-developer roles. All these roles contributes to Dolibarr project's activity.

Developers roles

Developer grade Yoda (GIT project and commit leader, head release manager)

Goal/Permissions: Global management of Dolibarr project. Organize beta, create releases and packages for head branch.

Has this role actualy:

Role need helper: No (by definition, this role is limited to the project leader and backups)

Note: All tasks to build a package for a new Dolibarr release are defined into the file build/makepack-howto.txt available into dolibarr sources.

Developer grade Jedi (maintenance release manager)

Goal/Permissions: Create releases for maintenance versions on current and old branch.

Has this role actualy to work on modules:

  • For branch N-1: position to be filled
  • Fro branch N-2: Florian Henry - position to be filled ?

Role need helper: Yes. Please ask, if you want this role, on Dolibarr dev mailing-list.

Developer grade Admiral (GIT Pull Requesters)

Goal/Permissions: Develop, add or simply validate and commit, into GIT repository.

You become an Admiral as soon as your first GIT push request was validated. To submit new features or fixes, you must use the GIT push request system that does not need GIT write access.

Role need helper: Yes (above all to submit bug fixes)

Article on this topic: FAQ How to become an official developer

Identified as having this role currently or recently (contributors found into http://www.github.com):

Developer grade Z-6PO (Translators on transifex.com)

Goal/Permissions: Translate files of fix translation (or typographic error).

Has this role actually:

  • A lot of people are actually Z-6PO. Translation is now provided using transifex.com platform. All users that are registered as translator on Dolibarr transifex project are Z-6PO.

Role need helper: Yes (go on https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/dolibarr/ to find your language and apply to help)

Articles on this topic: Translator documentation

Developer grade Soldier (Submit patch)

Goal/Permissions: Submit enhancements/fixes by sending patch.

Role need helper: Yes (no limit. Patch must be submited on the Dolibarr-dev Mailing-List (https://savannah.nongnu.org/mail/?group=dolibarr) or by GitHub push requests.

Has this role actually:

  • Number too high to be counted. Any Dolibarr users are potential soldiers.

Other roles on Dolibarr project

Role A: Hosting web site (http://www.dolibarr.org or local portal)

Goal: Provide a platform and exploit it to host the Dolibarr web site (based on Joomla).

Has this role actually:

Role need helper: Yes for other languages/countries (See page Create a Dolibarr local community).

Role B: Hosting demo site (http://demo.dolibarr.org/public/demo)

Goal: Provide a platform and exploit it to host the online Dolibarr demo (international version, autodetected language).

Has this role actually:

  • Dolibarr foundation

Role need helper: No

Role C1: Hosting wiki (http://wiki.dolibarr.org)

Goal: Provide a platform and exploit it to host the Dolibarr wiki (based on mediawiki)

Has this role actually:

  • Dolibarr foundation

Role need helper: No

Role C2: Hosting market place (http://wwww.dolistore.com)

Goal: Provide a market place to centralise all external modules (based on prestashop)

Has this role actually:

  • Dolibarr foundation

Role need helper: No

Role D: Hosting doliforge (http://www.doliforge.org)

Goal: Provide a development forge for Dolibarr modules developers (based on tuleap)

Has this role actually:

  • Dolibarr foundation

Role need helper: No

Role E1: Responsible of DoliWamp (Dolibarr installer for Windows)

Has this role actually:

Role need helper: No

Role E2: Responsible of DoliDeb+DoliRpm (Dolibarr installer for Ubuntu/Debian/Redhat/Fedora/Mandriva/OpenSuse)

Has this role actually:

Role need helper: No

Role E3: Responsible of DoliMamp (Dolibarr installer for Mac OS X)

Has this role actually:

  • Nobody

Role need helper: Yes

Role F: Tools to create modules using MDA (UML2Dolibarr)

Has this role actually or recently:

  • Feature was abandoned. It is replaced with scripts into dev/skeletons directory.

Role G: Management of Dolibarr foundation

Goal: Create and manage the international foundation to promote Dolibarr and help Dolibarr users.

Has this role actually:

Role H: Promote/Communicate on Dolibarr

Goal: Make communication for Dolibarr, on forums, news sites, press, etc... Write articles on Dolibarr web site.

Has this role actually:

  • The Dolibarr foundation
  • Role need helper. Thanks to volunteer to send a request on Dolibarr mailing-list.

Articles on this topic: Message samples used to announce new beta or release.

Role I: Dolibarr Tester

Goal: Test current development version of Dolibarr (GIT develop branch) and reports problems on mailing-list.

Have this role actually:

  • About 50 regular users have this role actually (number obtained by analysing messages on forum), more if we add temporary testers.

Role J: Administer domain names

Goal: Administer DNS of dolibarr domain names. Some are not used, just reserved to avoid cyber squatting. Ask us if you plan to use one of them to build a local Dolibarr community.

Have this role actually:

  • Dolibarr foundation - dolibarr.asia, dolibarr.at, dolibarr.be, dolibarr.com, dolibarr.cn, dolibarr.cc, dolibarr.ch, dolibarr.co.uk, dolibarr.de, dolibarr.eu, dolibarr.fr, dolibarr.info, dolibarr.it, dolibarr.me, dolibarr.net, dolibarr.org, dolibarr.pro, dolibarr.pt, dolibarr.us, dolibarr.ru, dolibarr.se + doliforge.org, dolistore.com
  • 2Byte.es - dolibarr.es
  • Nikos Drosis - dolibarr.gr

Workcomputer.png The GIT access

The GIT server is hosted by http://www.github.com

  • Instructions to access GIT in read mode to get current development version are on this page
  • To request a write access, read FAQ How to be an official developer to known how project is organized and steps to do to reach this goal.

Communaute.png The Mailing-lists and groups of information on social networks

The Dolibarr foundation owns several channel networks to publish its information. Note that some members of the Dolibarr foundation may also use this channel to publish news.

See page FAQ How to be inform about Dolibarr project ?

Lug.png Help the project

This is a list of task you can do to help the project.

If you are a developer

If you speak a non english language

  • Translate Dolibarr in your language. See Translator documentation.
  • Submit articles to promote Dolibarr on informations web sites on your languages or your own web site. At least, a link to web site http://www.dolibarr.org is never a bad idea.

If you are not a developer, nor a translator

If you want to create a Dolibarr users' group or a local community

Lug.png DevCamps Organisation

See DevCamps Organisation for this.

Lug.png Donations

  • If you don't want to be a member of the Dolibarr foundation, you can still make a donation to help development:

Note that a list of public donors of most important donations can be found here.

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