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Those features are not (yet) available even in last Dolibarr version.

  • Dolibarr does not contains Payroll module.
  • Tasks on module project can't have dependencies between each other.
  • Dolibarr does not include any Webmail.
  • No double party accountancy (only bank management, reconciliation, payment management).
  • The multi-currency module is still in development.
  • The multi-company module need you to add/buy the Module MultiCompany on http://www.dolistore.com (if you want to manage several companies or foundations, using one installation). Note that you can still also make as much installation as companies you need but you won't be able to share elements (like customers).
  • Dolibarr can't do coffee (not yet).

If you're looking for available features, see page What Dolibarr Do.

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