What Dolibarr can't do

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Those features are not (yet) available even in the latest Dolibarr version.

  • Dolibarr does not contain a Payroll module.
  • Tasks on the project module can't have dependencies between each other.
  • Dolibarr does not include any Webmail (But all emails sent from your ERP can appears in your "Sent" directory of your mailbox and email received can be used to create data in your ERP).
  • Double party accountancy is available since 6.0 but reports are not yet complete.
  • To manage several companies or foundations, using one installation, you need to add/buy the MultiCompany module on www.dolistore.com. Note that without purchasing this extra module you can still make as many installations of companies as you need, but you won't be able to share elements between them (like customers).
  • Dolibarr can't do coffee (not yet).

If you're looking for available features, please see the page What Dolibarr Does.