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  • htdocs/mymodule/core/modules/ contains module descriptor file modMyModule.class.php
  • htdocs/mymodule/core/triggers contains triggers provided by module
  • htdocs/mymodule/admin/ contains pages to setup module
  • htdocs/mymodule/class/ contains PHP class files provided by module
  • htdocs/mymodule/css contains CSS files provided by module
  • htdocs/mymodule/img contains images files provided by module
  • htdocs/mymodule/langs/xx_XX contains language files for language xx_XX (try to put at least en_US)
  • htdocs/mymodule/lib contains libraries provided and used by module
  • htdocs/mymodule/sql contains SQL file provided by module to add new tables or indexes
  • htdocs/mymodule/themes/mytheme if module provide its own theme/skin
  • htdocs/mymodule/* contains main php pages (note that you can also add subdir here to store your main php pages)
  • build/ can contains any data file used for compiling or building package
  • docs/ contains any documentation. This directory can also contains licence files.
  • scripts/ contains any command line scripts files.
  • test/ contains any files for unit tests (data, scripts and class)
  • README.txt is a file that contains introduction about module. More precise documentation must be into docs directory.