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*MAIN_INVERT_SENDER_RECIPIENT ► Invert sender and recipient in some PDF.
*MAIN_ODT_AS_PDF ► Activate PDF conversion from ODT document. If value is '<code>jodconverter</code>', '''java ''' and '''jodconverter ''' command line tool must be available. If value is '<code>/pathto/jodconverter.jar</code>' then '''java ''' and the jodconvertar '''jodconverter''' jar must exist. Soffice , '''soffice''' must also be available. The constant <code>MAIN_DOL_SCRIPTS_ROOT</code> Must must also be defined to path where the "scripts" directory is stored (for example <code>/var/www/mydolibarr</code>without scripts).
*MAIN_ODT_AS_PDF_DEL_SOURCE ► For ODT generation. If set, then initial behaviour is conserved but ODT file is removed when option to convert it as PDF (see previous) is on. Disabled by default
*MAIN_PDF_ADDALSOTARGETDETAILS ► Add particular details like the telephone number on generated PDFs. Can be useful in cases where a printed order/invoice etc is given to a delivery driver/courier etc.
*MAIN_TVAINTRA_IN_SOURCE_ADDRESS ► Show VAT N° in source address of PDF to comply with legalities in certain countries . Note that VAT number should be already visible in footer of page ► (v8.0.1+)
*MAIN_PDF_PROPAL_USE_ELECTRONIC_SIGNING ► Add optional esign field in pdf propal ► (v8.0+)
*RESOURCE_ON_PRODUCTS_RESOURCE_ON_SERVICES ►Allow to affect ressources on products/services (v10.0+)
*PRODUCT_SHOW_ORIGIN_IN_COMBO ► Show origin of products when adding lines in proposals/invoices/orders (v12.0+)
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*MAIN_PDF_PROPAL_USE_ELECTRONIC_SIGNING ► add optional esign field in pdf propal ► (v8.0+)
*PROPOSAL_AUTO_ADD_AUTHOR_AS_CONTACT ► Add Proposal Author as user contact follow proposal
*PROPALE_PDF_HIDE_PAYMENTTERMMODE ► Do not show the payment mode on proposal ► (v7.0+)
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