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*MAIN_COPY_FILE_IN_EVENT_AUTO ► Add attachement document on event auto generated by sending email from dolibarr. ► (v6.0+)
*MAIN_EXTERNAL_SMTP_CLIENT_IP_ADDRESS ► Enter (A better name of this option should be MAIN_EXTERNAL_MAIL_CLIENT_IP_ADDRESS). Set here the list of IPs where your Dolibarr instances are hosted. So when your customer go into the public setup area of email:**If he chose mail method, a message will explain him how to setup its SPF record for its email domain (showing the list of IP address ). This is to avoid to have its emails, sent from its Dolibarr instance, fails due to strict antispam rule of the serversome emailing servers.**If he chose smtp method, so it appears in a message will explain him the help list of IP he can use if there is restriction on IP by the email SMTP agent. If you also need to add a message to help SPF setup page, see option MAIN_EXTERNAL_SMTP_SPF_STRING_TO_ADD.
*MAIN_MAIL_ENABLED_USER_DEST_SELECT ► Show also internal users into list of recipients of email in email sending form ► (v8.0+)
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