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==Year 2020==
 *2020-01: [[Roadmap_and_Release_11.0.0|Dolibarr Version 11.0 ]] has been released
==Year 2019==
*2019-12: Enhance the automatic remind for expired subscription
*2019-12: Dolibarr Song in French:
*2019-11: Start a project to enhance Dolistore (add version of Dolibarr in product record, with search/filter, add reason why a module is disabled). Not yet finished.
*2019-10: Create a video to present Dolibarr ecosystem:
*2019-10: Video of what's new in [[Roadmap_and_Release_11.0.0|Dolibarr v10]]:*2019-09: Migration of Forums from Kunena to Discourse. *2019-08: Stripe partnership on DSP2 and SCA
*2019-07: Migration of wiki to the last version of mediawiki. Restore ability to create himself an account on wiki.
*2019-07: [[Roadmap_and_Release_10.0.0|Dolibarr Version 10.0 ]] has been released. Enhance dolistore to support v10.
*2019-06: Enhancement of Dolibarr to manage SCA rules for online payments.
*2019-06: Participation to OpenExpo Madrid, Spain
*2019-05: The Dolibarr academy with a first sample of course (installation and configuration) has been set online on the new MOOC of Dolibarr (based on Moodle + Opale).
*2019-03: Activation of DNSSEC on all servers
*2019-02: [[Roadmap_and_Release_9.0.0|Dolibarr Version 9.0 ]] has been released
==Year 2018==
*2013-12-27: Move DNS server (historically powered by to the DNS powered by OVH (the web hosting service used by the Dolibarr foundation for other tools too).
*2013-12-05: We hold Dolibarr advert invest on social networks, because we finished to consume budget of the year 2013 (We were allowed to invest 10% of amount in our bank account the 1st of January). A feedback is available on page [[Social_Networks_Ads_Feedbacks]].
*2013-11-15: Version 3.5 is frozen. 3.5 branch is created. See definition on page [[Category:RoadMap]] .
*2013-11-02: Clean all Dolibarr social networks (removed duplicate channels and changes to match rules of networks). Each channel is now owned by several members of the foundation board.
*2013-10-28: Start a 1 week twitter campaign for Dolibarr twitter account (see [[Social Networks Ads Feedbacks]]).

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