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Module Google

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- Having module curl extension enabled into your PHP. To check this, go into module Home - Setup - PHP infos and make a search into page of "curl". If you don't find, curl module is not installed.
- To use the Maps and geocoding service, you must enable the billing on your Google account. Price is 0.005 € per address.
==Setup of GMaps features==
1) You must first enable the API for your Google account. For this go on page {{ModuleGoogleUrlToCreateApiAccount}}, menu "API & AuthenticationService" -> "Enable API& Services". Click to enable API for "Google Maps Geocoding API" and "Google Maps JavaScript API". 2) Create an API key of type "Server". You must check that the value for '''Restrictions relative to applications''' is on '''None''' '''Restrictions relative to API''' is on '''No restriction''' or, for a more secured usage, set to Restricted to the 2 APIs '''GeoCoding API''' and '''Maps Javascript API'''. Then save the API key on the setup page of module Google in Dolibarr, tab GMaps.
23) Create an API key of type You must enable the "Serverbilling" and enter it of APIs on the setup page of module your Google in Dolibarr, tab GMapsaccount (price is 0.005 € per geo-encoded address)
===Link to localize a specific address===

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