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=== Name ===
All modules that are dolibarr Dolibarr modules must be called '''''' (where VERSION is version can be x or x.y or x.y.z) If the module is for another softwarethen Dolibarra, the name of zip must be '''''' (for example
The packages that are Android application, PDF or ODx documents are free to use the name of their choice. The extension however must follow the type of file (.app, .txt, .pdf, .odt, ...)
Note: When you build your zip file, the directory '''mymodule''' must be in the root of the zip.
=== Custom directory management - Inclusion of main or master files ===
An external module called '''mymodule''' can be installed into '''htdocs/custom/mymodule''' (the default) as well as in '''htdocs/mymodule'''. It must works in both cases. Because all modules must work correctly when they are installed into root directory or into a personalized custom subdirectory.
For this reason, when you try to load the Dolibarr environment by including the ** or *'''* ''' file, you must include 2 ways to include them:
We recommend to use the method suggested in the examples in htdocs/modulebuilder/*.php files and presented here to load the *'''*''', but you can replace the *'''* into *''' with '''*''' for command line scripts.
This portion of code is known to work in all situations (using Apache, Nginx, IIS, using virtual host of sub-directories, after a proxy redirect or not, if the web root is auto-detected or forced by conf file, and any combination of this).
==== MetaPackages ====
If your module is a "metapackage", so a module that include includes several modules, you must include a file called *'''metapackage.conf* ''' into the main directory with name of list of all other modules provided by your package.For example, image imagine your module is called "mymetapack". When installating this module, it should also install the module "abc" and "def". So you must include in the zip of your package a file *mymetapack/metapackage.conf* with the following content:
<source lang="php">
# This file describes all the modules that are included in the zip
==== Language ====
Product description on Dolistore is mandatory in English. If not defined for other languages, english will be used.
==== Support ====
If your module is not free , you have to give a an email address for support (or a website that allow customers to contact you)

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