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Dolibarr help and support

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Some part of this service are available in english only, some are free, some are commercial.
= [[File:who.png]] Forum and Wiki (community support) =
For a user or developer documentation, for FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), take a look at this Dolibarr Wiki:
For other questions, help, you can read/ask questions on '''Dolibarr forum''':
= [[File:mail.png]] EMail (commercial support) =
Some companies can provide support by emails. Take your chance on this list:
More information on file [[File:ProWidgets.pdf]] (available in french only)
= [[File:pagemaster.png]] Other (commercial support) =
A list of companies can be read/edited by every users/companies that need/provide support on Dolibarr.
Take your chance here if previous solution was not successful.
[[List of OpenSource Software companies and freelancers]]

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